Motherboard tray and zip ties ?


Dec 15, 2009
Hi guys, I was wondering to any experts out there regarding cable management via chassis,

Is it safe if I have a motherboard tray, or my motherboard sits on a metal plate with little holes behind it, where I can run cables behind and zip tie it through the holes.

I have a coolermaster cm 690.

I just want to make sure I dont short anything out on the motherboard. I zip tied a few and they seem to NOT be making contact with the motherboard, since the motherboard is on the standoffs.

Anyway, let me know, thank you, your response is greatly appreciated.


you are talking about hte plastic things that tighten but dont loosen, right? if you are, dont worry about shorting anything, out as plastic will not conduct electricity. it is safe to route the wires behind the mobo tray. that is what very many people do.