Motherboard/ video card help


Feb 12, 2010

I own a Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR motherboard. I do apologize for the wall of text but I'm having a little trouble diagnosing a hardware/ driver issue with my homebuilt PC. It started when my comp froze and I had to manually reset it via power. Upon reviving the beast it gave me nothing short of a bios screen and a restart, after I had changed the bios settings from PCI to PCIE she started to boot into XP 32 but then was followed by a blue screen error, I cannot tell you what the error was I figured it would still be there after I reseated the ram and video card. After I have reseated both I simply have nothing but red LEDS on my mobo, no signal gets to the monitor, I cannot fool around with bios or any sort of application. To make sure I provide you all with the correct information my motherboard chipset fan had been acting up for a while ( Annoying as hell, loud, intermittent whining) and my chipset has hovered around 55c. As fellow DFI owners can anyone here tell me if I might have fried the chipset? Or is it my GPU? I'm not stupid with computers, but I still have much to learn. I have reseated both the ram and GPU multiple times and cleaned the contacts, it is NOT the connection.

Thank you

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