Question Moving OS from Samsung SSD 850 EVO to M.2 970 EVO Plus NVMe SSD?


Jan 4, 2016
Hey all,

I recently decided to upgrade my RAM and storage. My RAM is already installed and works fine, however, I just now installed my new NVMe drive onto my motherboard (physically) and am now going into setting it as a volume.

The idea is that I move my Windows 10 install + all files on the C: to my new faster NVMe storage. However, I can't seem to clone/move/copy or do anything that works. I tried using Samsung Data Migration, it works until it's at 100% and then it give me the "data migration function has been interrupted".

Is there another way to achieve the same result?

Basically, I have a C: containing 465 GB of which 409 GB is in use on an SSD 1, while I now want to move that whole OS to my new 931 GB NVMe card.

Thanks in advance!



Aug 20, 2016
Hey Senne,

I can't actually help you but I can relate that just yesterday I used the Samsung Data Migration app to clone my old EVO 840 256GB SATA drive to an EVO 970 Plus 500GB in an M.2 slot on my old Z97 mobo. Took about 10 minutes and rebooted after and works fine. I guess:

  1. Is your BIOS current? I had to update mine for M.2
  2. Is the drive recognized in BIOS and Device Manager and Computer Management/Disk Management? I.e., not just in Migration tool
  3. Did you look at the drive? Is the stuff actually copied?
  4. Did you try to boot it? What the heck, right...
I did my clone run twice, once when the drive was virgin and once again as I had unrelated issues (bad memory) that made everything really iffy for two days. Both runs worked.

Good luck.
Are you using the most current version of the app?
Install the samsung nvme driver first then try the clone again.
You can get both from here:
When the copy is done, the app will compare the drives to insure 100% success.
That process will appear to be doing nothing for a long time.

I might guess that the process will take two hours for the amount of data that you have.