MSFT: Xbox One Headset is a Must Have (But Not Included with Console)

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Oct 15, 2009

I have been using my PS3 as a media machine for years. This is nothing new. I stream all kinds of content through my home PC, laptop, android based phone, straight through my router, etc., and have for a long time. PS3 offered that level of functionality plus blu-ray at a cheaper price than xbox for years.

This is not "this is where things are going", it is where the PS3 has been for around a decade. XBOX is playing catch up.

BTW, I hate both companies with the fire of a thousand suns and will not buy either new console. Just pointing out the current technical capabilities.


Aug 1, 2011
[quotemsg=11049347,0,165654]I honestly think the console is going to be fantastic, but for kids in college or kids at home who never watch TV or aren't responsible for a family, it will probably be overpriced with unused features.

As a husband\father, the guide and set top box features are awesome and switching between games, movies and TV is going to be so much better.

My guess is the Microsoft is trying to expand the XBox user base. Since a game console is going to sit in a living room anyway, they want it to be the center of the living room, which means it has to do more than just play kids games. It needs to absorb all of the functions of the devices in your living room, including TV, Music and Movies.

Good direction, this is where things are going so you might as well get a head start on it. They tried to do this in 2005 but people weren't ready. A small niche of people still cling to the awesomeness of media center and have made some phenomenal living-room centric media centers using tuners from Ceton and UI mods like mediabrowser. Combine that with the bower of a PC running steam big picture mode and a PC XBox wireless controller and you've got an amazing system.

Microsoft seems to be doing the same with the XBox One and I think its a fantastic idea. But for those kids out there who just want to sit in from of their TV alone playing games, the value may not be there. I still think Microsoft is going to sell a ton of these things if they market the other features correctly and to the right audience.[/quotemsg]

How much does MS pay you for trolling?


Mar 27, 2011
I couldn't imagine the amount of distortion that you would have in game. As you speak the mic picks up the noise, and the noise of the tv of you and your allies speaking a minute ago and keeps everything in an infinite loop. Imagine all that trash noise with 32 plays in a game. barf.


May 8, 2012
[quotemsg=11049080,0,466225]MSFT is doing great on their plan

Trying to force kinect down our customers throat - CHECK
Back track just days later after E3 on used games - CHECK
Too cheap to include a $5 headset - CHECK
Try to have the worst launch in console history - CHECK
Let PS4 own this gen console war - CHECK

you forgot one
Alienate customer base - CHECK



It's just a comedy of errors at this point. It's like all the bigwigs involved in the Xbox sat in a meeting and figured the dumbest things they could possibly do, then set out to execute the list. Why would you thumb your nose at your customer at every turn?


Mar 3, 2009
Xbone 180 was one of the worst attempts to bend customers over.
Oh, they've changed their minds now, how nice of them. Still they could not promise "it would work like that in the future", to activate console you still need to connect it to the internet.

And last but not least, streaming services like netflix have to go through microsoft's paywall. On PS4 there is no such restriction.

100$ more for slower hardware, forces kinect and no headset, from someone who was crying out loud that used games can not be passed over/sold without paying something to M$.

How much does MS pay you for trolling?[/quotemsg]
If you're calling him expressing his opinion about a product trolling, what is it, exactly, you're doing?
And how much does M$ pay you for trolling?

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