Question MSI G27C5 monitor shows black screen at 165hz ?

Mar 13, 2022
Hello there, need some help with my MSI G27C5 monitor which I've had for almost a year. A few months back i got the issue that when i plug in my moitor using DP to my RTX 3060ti the screen goes black. At times i have to change to native 60hz and it works fine but after several tries of reconnecting the cable the max i can go is 144hz, when i change to 165hz in nvidia control panel the screen goes black.

This happend before aswell but after several tries i was able to get it to work on 165hz but until recently im unable to. Any ideas what may be the issue here? Also even when i get to 165hz the icons appear all fuzzy.

I have tried almost everthing:
  • fresh gpu drivers,
  • new cable,
  • reconnecting after power cycle etc.
  • no game


Motherboard used for your build? BIOS version at this moment of time for your motherboard? OS version, assuming you're working with Windows 10? Have you tried using DDU to uninstall your GPU driver, then manually reinstalling said GPU driver in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator?