Question MSI Laptop: GPU is good, screen is good, but something between them is dead ?


Apr 1, 2017
My laptop took a fall and it busted open where the arrow is shown in the first picture. The plastic bar snapped back into place but the display was dead. It outputs fine through its HDMI port though; the GPU is intact.
I got some bad advice from a repair outlet to order a new screen--that it would have the replacement part I needed--but that was not true. The screen itself is okay. Now I'm in a pickle, because it's something between the screen and the GPU that needs to be replaced.
I visited 3 repair stores, but they all say the same thing "We only do Macbook and Dell," and haven't been able to shed any light on what part to buy or how to diagnose further.
Attached are pics of the laptop when I took it apart. Any help would be appreciated.

MSI GF65 Thin 9SC
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The screen itself is okay.
you have connected this screen to another graphics output to determine that it is still working?
if not, then you have no idea that the screen is actually "okay".
pics of the laptop when I took it apart
the connectors between the base and the screen housing appear to be out of place.
there may be no way of fixing whatever damage has occurred.
I visited 3 repair stores
contact MSI directly and find where their nearest repair center is.

if they suggest shipping it in for repair it will probably include some hefty charges for shipment and any work done outside of warranty.