K9Canis Major

Nov 2, 2007
I had an Asus A8r32-MVP Deluxe socket 939 mother board with dual ATI 1950 video cards. My rig took a lightning strike everything is ok with the exception of my mother board which is fried. I got online to purchase a new board like what i had but found out that board has been discontinued for some reason. I need some suggestions from someone who is on the up and up on motherboards to help me out. I have an fx chip and would like to use my crossfires. please help.
I found your board on ebay. The current bid is $62 plus $12 shipping for a system pull (used) board. If that price is too high, mwave has a refurbished asus a8n sli deluxe with nvidia nforce4 chipset for about $44 shipped that will run your video cards in sli mode.


Aug 11, 2006
I have the Abit motherboard posted above And it is a decent board no problems with it. Although I think the early bios was a little buggy, could be wrong. As far as justdeals goes I have bought keyboards and mice from them with no problems.