Multiple PWM fan adapter


If you need to get an additional fan running of your MOBO's PWM CPU Fan header, this will work, and provide monitoring of the second fan:


If you need more than one extra, you can simply 'daisy-chain' them:


PWM JEDEC spec says MOBO PWM headers 'should' supply 1.5A steady-state, and tolerate a 2.2A start-up surge. Most of the fans I've checked seem to run around .11 to .16 A, so several should be OK. Your mileage may vary. Good luck trying to find your MOBO's spec for this!
Arctic Cooling has some PWM fans that can do this daisy chaining and already have the connectors for it. I got one but haven't used it yet so I can't give a first-hand report, but it seems reasonable.


Actuallt, that's where the idea came from... They, unfortunately, only make 80mm's, 92mm's, and 120mm's with this setup - I needed some smaller ones for memory and northbridge cooling. I originally bought a Freezer7Pro and one of the PWM chainable 92's to do a fan swap. I was sitting idly, looking at the reflections of my window blinds to check my lap job (couldn't handily find a single edged razor blade) and looked closer at the connector setup -VOILA! re-swapped the fans (the F7P is 500 RPM faster than the chainable one) and soldered it up...


May 9, 2007
Hi I'm trying to get my 3pin cpu fan to work with my mobo's 4 pin pwm cpu slot. Any suggestions on how to mod the wires/plug to get it to work?

Thermaltake Big Typhoon (CL-p0310) with DFI LP DK x38 t2rb.

It's kinda agrivating b/c my previous board (Gigabyte GA-M55SLI-S4) varied the fan speed using the same cooler with no problems.

OBTW, I have some electrical knowledge (really just enough to be dangerous). But I did build my own fan speed controller. and rewired several LED fans so I could turn the LED's on and off without affecting the fan speed.