Mumble Server


Oct 6, 2011
I was thinking about setting up a home server for mumble (a program much like ventrillo/teamspeak) that offers voice communication. I have a few questions:

1. Mumble would be free, right? The only cost is if it is hosted for you, but if you build your own server, it is free. Is this correct?

2. I have an old laptop that uses windows xp. It runs fine but obviously the hardware is not great. I read up a tad on servers and I heard that they do not take much in the way of power so would I be ok with this? (it is a dell lattitude d620)

3. My home internet connection is not that great. I can play BF3 perfectly fine, but I don't have massive amounts of bandwidth, speed, etc. I just did a speed test and got around 50 ms ping, 1 Mbps dl and .5 Mbps upload. So it's workable but barely. Would a server for mumble use much bandwidth/etc and make me lag for gaming? It would be for approximately 10 people.