Question My 2nd Hdd acting as External Drive

Oct 1, 2020
I had a laptop Hdd which had windows 10 installed and i wanted to put it in my desktop and use it as 2nd os like dual boot. But when i connected it to my desktop (via SATA connection), my first Hdd (also windows 10) boots and the laptop Hdd shows up in file manager with previous ones (Check attached image) I dont want to expand my storage and mix them.

How to seperate them and setup a dual boot system with both os in these 2 Hdds's. ??????

The Drives After New Volume (E) are all from laptop's Hdd and Local Disk (H) is the drive where windows was installed on laptop.

image -
reinstall windows on the 2nd HDD, the laptop´s hardware is completely different and won´t work well.

after reinstalling windows 10 to the 2nd HDD, a boot manager will pop up and you can chose from which HDD you wanna boot windows

if you really want to use the existing laptop windows you can try repairing windows with the microsoft media creation tool. Didn´t try it myself, but eventually this tool can add the 2nd windows to the windows boot manager
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