Question My 9900k overheats at stress tests. Is it safe to run'em?

May 6, 2019

I'm running a system with an Intel i9 9900k and a Corsair h80i water-cooler. If I stress-test the CPU using aida64 it will immediately spike it's temperature to 95c (instead of slowly build up, it goes from 34c to 95c almost instantly).

Is it safe to run the stress test? It reaches that temperature with the water-cooler set at maximum on Corsair's iCue.

I've read at another thread that this instant heating behaviour is normal. Should I be worried that it could happen on a heavy duty task, like video rendering?

Thank you for your attention.


Rendering is a variable load, and can depend on exactly what's being rendered at what resolution. So figure the stress test as worst case scenario, if rendering 320p/480p/720p video it's going to be less intense a load, but 4k will be pretty close to the stress test limits.

Honestly, for that kind of punishment on a 9900k you should be running a far more capable capacity cooler. A 200w H80i is bare minimum for a cpu that can easily see 200-250w in stock values.
The 9900k is a hot running chip.

What's your overclock in it?

You can monitor everything with HW monitor and Intel xtu.

If it's 50-60 in gaming sessions, I wouldn't worry about it. If it's more than 60, then you might have to change your oc settings/Cooler.

If it reached 95, it will thermal throttle to bring down the Temps. That will affect your rendering task. It's better to run it at 100/200mhz lower at around 80 c than have it run at higher clocks with thermal throttling.
Apr 24, 2019
undervolt, put more airflow in your case, becareful with the vrm thermal pads leaking, thats too hot, so avoid getting 85+. normal temperatures should be: (room temperature: 25) 30 -35 idle and load gaming 60 rendering 65-70. use hwinfo to monitor your temperatures and please avoid any other stress test, try to change thermal paste for a grizzly kryonaut (top of the top) or something good, i only recommend using prime 95 26.6 for 5 minutes. remember to have positive airflow inside your case.
Safe... yes.
The processor monitors it's temperature and will throttle or shut down to protect itself if it senses a dangerous temperature.
That is around 100c.

The various stress testers work in different ways and some are designed to generate maximum heat to test cooling systems.
No problem running them to see what you have.
Under normal user load conditions you will see those temperatures when rendering or when all cores are fully utilized.
For gaming, the load will be much less.

What is your case and fan arrangement?
Seems to me that with so much invested in your rig that you should be using a stronger cpu cooler.
Something like a twin tower air cooler or a 240 sized aio.