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    Question i5 7300hq temperatures

    Hi all! I have bought recently a new Dell Inspiron 5577 laptop. Everything works fine, but there is something that bother me. While playing Kingdom Come the cpu (i5 7300hq) tends to heat as much as 100 degree, average is about 90-95 during one hour of playing this game. Is it a dangerous...
  2. A

    Question Cryorig H7 vs Cryorig H5 (For Core i7 4770 non-k) In a location with ambiant temp between 40 to 45 degree Celsius?

    Its my first time building a gaming pc.. I want to know if Cryorig H7 is enough or should I consider buying a Cryorig H5 for my processor (i7 4770 non k)?? The place I live is pretty hot...The temperature easily reaches about 43 and may even go higher than 43...
  3. R

    Question Motherboard temperature under load

    Hi , I have a friend with this setup here listed . The temps on motherboard goes up to 62 °c under full load ... Is a normal temperature for the motherboard ? The GPU had broken and didint had 2 years yet , so was send to warranty already , he's waiting for the new one , was I that had made the...
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    Question Is my GPU too cold?

    I am currently using an EVGA GTX 970 SC and it is working great except for the temperature its at. When idle it has a temp of about 27 degrees and when under load and playing games like fortnite where the gpu usage is at 100% it never goes above 36 degrees according to MSI Afterburner. The card...
  5. D

    Question i7 4770k no overclock strange temps

    Hi everyone during these days I'm using intensively my pc for a lot of hours even days no stopping for a training of a neural network. I removed the overclock, using 3.5ghz with a variable load between 30-80% the temperatures are around 75-80 C. I changed the thermal paste (Noctus NT-H1) and...
  6. quadrax

    Question GPU Idle & load temp.

    Hi there. I am experienced as PC user, but still have one question which is hardly debated on internet and also it's interesting for me. Got a MSI GTX 1660 Ti, which is great GPU, but after a time i decided to set-up my own Fan Curve profile (i really didn't want wear fans out quickier, because...
  7. Gedikpasha

    Question 95 C Ryzen 3600 on B350 Mobo

    Hello everyone i feel so sad about my temps :( Today i've got the ryzen 3600 with a stock cooler and put that CPU on the B350 Gaming Pro Carbon. I did the thermal and also i definetely sure that stock cooler well fit on CPU . Its not my first build tho. So buying a Cooler Master ML240L will...
  8. Andyus86

    Question I7 8700k delid core #0 high temps

    Hello, I'm selling my 9900k for downgrade purpose and a guy offered me his i7 8700k delidded + money. He said the cpu have some issue, during stress test one core (core #0) temps is more higher than others, like 22-27c more. Delid was done about 1 year ago and he discovered this issue 6 months...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] CPU getting (REALLY) hot

    So I was recently having some issues playing the Witcher 3 regarding frame drops. I tracked my CPU and GPU to see if there was any problem... Turns out, my CPU was running at around 100 degrees Celsius or 212F. I haven't had this issue yet and I don't have a clue what caused it. System specs...
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    Question Any tests, apps or software that puts stress on the CPU to see if it's working in the ideal temp?

    I'm looking for something that lets me tests my CPU and gives me readings on it. For example, putting pressure on the CPU and checking the readings to see if it's working in the it should?
  11. J

    [SOLVED] What is the normal temp and max temp of RTX 2060?

    I have Palit rtx 2060 stormx, my graphics card only has 1 fan, and i installed 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans on my PC, when playing Metro exodus or AC Origins 1080p on ultra settings, im hitting 80C to 83C is this normal? My idle temps on my GPU is 40C
  12. Z

    Question Not sure if liquid cooler pump is running

    I just got a Corsair H100i Pro a few weeks ago and installed it in my pc on a ryzen 7 2700x. At 0% load, I'm seeing temperatures around 75 degrees C. I know it is installed properly and I used a liquid metal thermal paste to help with cooling. Before installing it in this pc, I had it in a PC...
  13. B

    Question Can overheating cause freezing ?

    Hey guys i have an issue with my games while playing , when i play games for 20 min or even 10 minutes the game runs , without sound for 10 sec and than freezes , i checked my cpu temp it goes to 87 to 95° or 76° , is this the problem? I tested the ram ( memory diagnostic ) no errors So is it...
  14. S

    Question PC constantly crashing due to WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR

    Hello, My pc is crashing very often and I've been trying to understand what is causing the crash but i haven't had much success. One unusual thing I noticed are the relatively high CPU temps, which range from 45 -60 C idle, but that might be influenced by the fact that the air is really hot...
  15. Takenfal

    Info Lenovo products have a really bad fan management

    My Product: Model: Lenovo ThinkPad E560 CPU: i5-6200u GPU: AMD R7 M370 RAM: 16 GB DDR3 SSD: PNY CS900 240 GB Purpose of this topic: help the community and (maybe) the designers and developers I want to write this post to inform the Lenovo community and all the users that Lenovo designers and...
  16. B

    Question Best liquid cooler for this setup

    I have a Deepcool Tessaract case, Asrock AB350 Gaming motherboard, AMD Ryzen 1500X CPU, and MSI GTX 1050 Ti 4G OC GPU. What is the best water cooler to use for both my CPU and GPU?
  17. P

    Question Temperature and other stuff

    My computer is an Omen 17 AN105 with an i7-8750H 2.20GHz with a GeForce GTX1060 . It is a brand new computer with 3 days. I read a post saying that a Gpu and CPU temperature of 60 or so degrees celsius would be dangerous for the computer. When im doing my work , without pushing the computer to...
  18. Avacadoee

    Question Is it worth it buying another exhaust fan

    I’m making a build for myself but i don’t know if i should buy another exhaust fan (nf-f12) or should i just put the extra $20 i have back into other components when my case already comes with an exhaust fan pre installed. The case i’m going to get, as a temporary one at least, is the Mx330.
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    Question Troubles with cpu and psu please help!

    I have been having troubles with my pc when i open games,(rocket league wich is not a very demanding game) my pc turn off bcs of the temperatures of the cpu then i fix that changing thermal paste, but then the problem is when im in the game the pc freezes and i have to turn it off manually so i...
  20. R

    Question i7 6700K Core #1 running way hotter than other cores

    specs: i7 6700k ASUS strix b250f coolermaster hyper 212 ASUS ROG STRIX Vega 56 16 GB GSKill Trident Z 2 TB WD HDD 512 GB SSD 850W Corsair PS I just got a new cooler (Coolermaster Hyper 212 Black) and tried installing it earlier today. However, now I get temps fluctuating a lot from 40C to 100C...