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  1. S

    Question Normal CPU Spikes?

    My CPU temps welling loading into certain games or playing them spike up to 90-99˚c but immediately go back down to normal gaming temps around 40-55˚f. Room temp changes but even on a cold day it will spike high. Is this normal or cause for concern? Parts list: i5-13600k Deepcool AK620 MSI...
  2. Haracarlo

    Question Undervolting/Overclocking 5800x

    Hello everyone, I have recently installed my Ryzen 7 5800X cooled by a Noctua NH-D15 from my prevoius build. Performance wise all good. I noticed some difference in terms of temps compared to my previous cpu, the I5 9600K, I am aware i can't expect same temperatures between the two but I'll...
  3. P

    Question CPU Temps.

    Hey, so I just ordered a new AIO for my desktop. I suspect my old AIO(NZXT M22 Kraken 120mm) was dead, so I ordered a new one (NZXT X63 280mm).I’m not sure when it started happening, but my CPU (I7-10700K) was running pretty hot usually around mid 80’s to mid 90’s °C, so here’s hoping it helps...
  4. E

    Question Scale fan speed according to GPU temps

    Running a A5000 with an ROG Zenith Xtreme X399 MOBO and AMD Threadripper CPU. A GPU intensive application I am using utlizes 100% of my GPU and constantly drives the GPU temsp up to 90c. I've noticed my fan speed doesn't change when this happens. I assume because fan speed is mapped to CPU...
  5. W

    Question Liquid temps in a Z73

    Hello, this is my first time using an AIO (Z73 Kraken) and also the first time dealing with liquid temperatures, and was wondering if 40-ish celsius is normal at load? What are the safe temperatures for the liquid? I assume they are lower than cpu temps.
  6. T

    Question CPU Very hot under load with 240mm AIO

    Hi guys, I recently upgraded from my 6700k to a 11400f, but kept the same AIO as I read that 1151 coolers would work for the 1200 socket generation. While stress-testing the CPU, I noticed it gets quite hot under load ( View: https://imgur.com/a/SYvgo7T ) , and I had the same issue with the...
  7. W

    Question GPU temp high when watching YouTube

    My GPU temp is normally around the high 30s, a perfectly fine temperature But when I start watching YT or putting it under any light load in general, the temperature goes up to like 55C I just built this computer this Monday so I don't know what's acceptable or not so please enlighten me if...
  8. jojo2023

    Question Is such heating of the video card safe?

    Hello. Is this normal? The 3050 ventus 2x 8g video card is heated in passive mode up to 131°F / 55°C? Fans turn on only after 140°F / 60°C Is such a temperature safe for silicone thermal padding for a video card?
  9. T

    Question does liquid metal last longer than thermal paste on cpu

    does liquid metal last much longer than thermal paste in long term let say would liquid metal be a better choice i know it also might on the brand but let say it was the same brand with liquid metal and thermal paste would the thermal paste have longer run
  10. N

    Question Odd CPU behavior, or is it?

    Hello everyone reading this, I have an intel 11400F, I bought it last summer and I've had 0 issues with it up until today when I came back from work. I was doing some light tasks on my computer, like transferring work files, and I had noticed that my computer fan speeds had went up rapidly for...
  11. ridefire123

    Question CPU Cooling Recommendation for i7 9700K at 5 mhz

    Hello People of Tom's Hardware (Again)! A little over a year ago I posted about a heating issue for the i7 9700k and wanted some advice to cool it down. I resolved this issue by buying a mid-level AIO kraken cooler. Even so, I still have to bring my cooler down to about 4.3 mhz to get it to the...
  12. Chona220

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 temperature problem

    Hi, I have a Ryzen 5 3600 paired with an Asus B450-A and a Thermaltake 240 AIO and my temps have gone from 40-50 °C at idle and 70-80 °C while playing, to 70-80 °C idle and when I try to play games (the CPU usage is about 40%) it shoots up to 110 °C and turns off. I already updated the bios...
  13. LuckyHood

    Question High CPU temperatures

    Hello guys, I made a new system build. The specs are these: -CPU intel i7 13700kf -GPU Gigabyte RTX 3070 OC LHR -Motherboard Gigabyte B660 Gaming AX -PSU Seasonic G12 GM 750W 80+ Gold -Ram Corsair Vengeancee PRO 3200 mhz CL 16 -Cooler NZXT Kraken X73 -Storage, 1 TB Kingston, 1TB Samsung SSDs M2...
  14. LuckyHood

    Question High CPU temperatures in everything ?

    Hello guys, I made a new system build. The specs are these: -CPU intel i7 13700kf -GPU Gigabyte RTX 3070 OC LHR -Motherboard Gigabyte B660 Gaming AX -PSU Seasonic G12 GM 750W 80+ Gold -Ram Corsair Vengeancee PRO 3200 mhz CL 16 -Cooler NZXT Kraken X73 -Storage, 1 TB Kingston, 1TB Samsung SSDs M2...
  15. C

    Question Ryzen 7700x goes over TJ Max for a second when playing CPU intensive game

    My Ryzen 7700x when playing BF1 average around 70 C - 80 C from. But there will be times when the game first loads or occasionally the CPU CCD1 TDie reaches 100C for a brief second before jumping down to 70C. Is this ok behaviour? Most of the time it stays below TJ max of 95C, only occasionally...
  16. pmz94

    Question Is my GPU shutting down my PC ?

    I have an Asus Dual RTX 2060 Advanced (DUAL-RTX2060-A6G) since release year (2019) one week ago I replaced the thermal paste with this one and thermal pads for these ones (2.0mm) it helped on decrease temperature around 10-15°c (not that much) Everythings doing well but this past 2 days my PC...
  17. F

    Question CPU temperatures are higher since changing PC case ?

    Hello. I just changed my computer case. Temperatures usually reach 60/70 celcius at most but since I switched my system to a new computer case and having changed the cpu thermal paste. I have had extremely high temperatures. I changed the thermal paste again and noticed that the paste was...
  18. Rumblefishx

    Question My first gaming laptop is getting reeeally hot! Is there any alternative ?

    Hi there ! Guys, I've been facing a kind of frustrating situation. I just bought my first gaming laptop, however, I'm afraid of using it considering the high temperatures it gets during gameplay. My laptop is a Dell G15 5520 with the following specs : Intel i9 12900h 16GB RAM DDR5 4800MHZ...
  19. Djemed

    Question Kingston KC3000 Temperature

    Hello, i bought Kingston KC3000 512GB SSD and i am wondering if my temperature is good. In HWInfo it shows drive temperature 1 and drive temperature 3, drive temperature 1 is sitting around 30-60 degrees C, while drive temperature 3 is fixed on 59 degrees, it doesn't go lower nor higher, is...
  20. GUMSHi

    Question Advice on undervolting i5 4590

    I recently got a PC with an i5 4590 and when gaming it would reach 70+ degrees C, sometimes even reaching 80. HWINFO doesn't say that it's thermal throttling and I don't really see any decrease in performance, however it still worries me as this chip is old and I don't want to stress it too...
  21. LilyRose

    Question CPU reading 100° C despite not being hot to the touch

    Hello, So my computer was running fine and from one moment to the other it started lagging and crashing my programs and being horrible and throttling to no end, I went to check bios and it says my CPU is at 100 celsius but it's just not, touching the heatsink is just normal warm. I've let the pc...
  22. Mr Stavro

    [SOLVED] CPU uses a lot of energy even when low efforts. (Causes Overheat)

    ===================Check my Reply below, this is Outdated================= My PC when it is ABSOLUTELY idle is at 45 C°, Normally it is at 60 C° and playing (EVEN the lightest games like Half Life 2 for example). The temperature shoots up to 95-100 C°, what's more, SW Squadrons literally crashes...
  23. alehandroGr

    Question Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1660 temp/fan speed

    Hi guys I received yesterday a new GB 1660 OC. My previous GPU was a GB 1050ti. I installed the new one and from the very begining I noticed that during gaming it is way more noisy than the previous one. I tested it with RDR2. I installed Aorus and started monitoring the metrics. It starts...
  24. Beknu

    Question GPU temperature fluctuation

    Hey got question, I changed my monitor from 60hz to 165hz, I have rx 580 and had to change timing standard setting to cvt - reduced blanking, because memory clock, temperature and usage was high, then everything went back to normal, but temperature, power, usage started fluctuating, like went...
  25. antvvnio

    Question Laptop temperatures getting higher?

    Hello Tom'sHardware. I've bought a ASUS x509JB back 2 years ago. While gaming performance was good, temps the same, barely hitting 78°C. Like 1 year ago, the temps were getting insanely hot (87°C, reaching it relatively easy). I've ignored it, even if it affected my performance a lot since the...
  26. Haracarlo

    Question Asus tuf 3060ti 83° max load

    Asus tuf 3060ti 83° max load Hello everyone I just changed my 1080 for an Asus tuf 3060ti used for mining at 75% capacity and I have been doing some tests, basically as soon as the gpu go on max load so 1800/1900mhz gpu clock and 7000mhz mem the temperature of the gpu instantly go to 83°, fans...
  27. Doonet

    Question i9 11900K High Temperature?

    Hi, I have an Intel Core i9 11900K and I would like to know if the temperatures it has are normal, I use that CPU in conjunction with a RTX 3060 Ti. It is worth mentioning that I have it on a Gigabyte B560M DS3H V2 motherboard, I did not buy a motherboard with Z chipset because I already had...
  28. I

    Question Will the Mugen 5 fit into max 155mm Thermaltake versa c23 tg?

    This case is really weird. You can only install a 155mm cpu cooler which is very low. According to some folks and statistics, the mugen 5 is the best low price/low height cooler. <-- Noctua might be better but is taller and more expensive. The issue is that it's 155mm tall, so now I have to...
  29. BurberryCheesecake

    Question CPU temp got higher after I reapplied thermal paste the second time

    Intel® Core™ i7-9700K I now idle on 70-90 and when I use browser it reaches 105 from the previous 60-70 idle... What's the deal with this?
  30. N

    Question High Temperature at MSI Ventus 3060Ti

    At Idle(0% Usage) My GPU's temperature is 59degree Celcius..and the fans are off..GPU model: MSI Ventus RTX 3060Ti..is it normal or high?
  31. EmilHus

    Question Temperature issue with 2060 GIGABYTE WINDFORCE OC ( rev 2.0 )

    PC specs: Windows 10(х64) 21H2 i5 9400f B365mH gigabyte 2x8 crucial 2666mhz SSD kingston 480 1 TB WD blue thermaltake 550w litepower HP 24f 75hz (HDMI) I have an isse with my temperature. GPU is absolutely stock,without any overclock. GPU was bought in 2020 january and was actively used in...
  32. A

    Question Different CPU temperatures in the same game over different sessions ?

    Hi, I was looking for similar problem but it was always sounding similar while being completely unrelated. When I turn on a game CPU temperature quicky rises to ~90deg. I would look for solutions related to heat management, new paste, throttlestop but then I turn on the same game 2 days later...
  33. M

    Question 5900X very hot at idle and in-game ?

    I snapped up a 5900x earlier today and I noticed that it was getting quite quite hot just idling and doing nothing basically. I've looked on the forums and seen lots of people saying quite similar things and people concluding that it is just meant to be like that. I figured the best course...
  34. S

    Question Ryzen 5 4500u laptop keyboard gets hot during gaming even though temperatures don't exceed 80degrees Celcius

    Hey all! I have a Lenovo Thinkbook laptop equipped with a Ryzen 5 4500u and 16GB of ram. It never thermal throttles but I intentionally limit the boost clocks through AMD Tuning Utility so it doesn't ever exceed 80degrees during gaming. But even with this modification, the keyboard gets quite...
  35. alreadyfuell

    Question Laptop gpu crash while charging

    Laptop gpu crash while charging, my msi gf63 with i7 8750h and 1050 is working perfectly if its not connected to the wall But as soon as i connect it, and run some benchmark or games, it would artifact, notify me an error nvlddmkm.sys and also freezes before running again and repeat itself. my...
  36. C

    Question cpu temps with aio liquid cooler higher than others?

    Since I've got my aio cooler (Kraken x63 280mm) it's always been a relatively lower temperature than other people I've seen. I have a ryzen 7 3700x and the aio is mounted on the front of my pc with the fans on the inside pulling the air in. The case is quite cramped because I'm waiting on...
  37. theking2

    Question the hotter the better

    I love to keep my CPUs on 90 degrees. just below throttle. Why is this a problem?
  38. Punkvibes

    Question I9 9900k unusual temperatures

    I9 9900k unusual temperature behavior? So I recently built a pc from my old components Gtx 1070 founders edition i9900k 32gb Corsair vengeance RAM 3200mhz MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON (MS-7B17) Motherboard Enermax AIO 360mm CPU cooler My problem is that my cpu runs on idle with 35-39...
  39. Punkvibes

    Question Intel i9900k 100 degrees on cinebench and heating up a lot in games

    Hello, I have just built a pc from my old components and tested it. it passed already a week and i think my CPU is a little too hot. my specs are: GTX 1070 founders edition Intel Core i9-9900K not overclocked cooled with an enermax AIO 360mm watercooler 32 gb corair venegance RAM DDR4-3200 /...
  40. ReeDoK

    Question Very High Temperatures on Intel Core i3-12100 ?

    Hello everyone! I bought an Intel Core i3-12100 (not the F version) together with a motherboard MSI PRO H610M-G DDR4. I am using the stock cooler from Intel and I think the temperatures are a bit too high? At idle it stays at 51 C degrees and while playing games it goes up to 80 C degrees. Most...