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  1. pmz94

    [SOLVED] Fat GPUs in microATX cases

    I have a microATX motherboard with a fat GPU (2.7 slots), everything put in an ATX mid tower case (7 slots) but I'm planning to change this case to a microATX one. Question is, Will GPU heat up more because smaller clearance? (note that GPU will be put on second slot because motherboard) I saw...
  2. S

    Question Why is my new ASUS RTX 3090 Strix OC hitting 91'C temperatures?

    I just installed my new ASUS RTX 3090 Strix OC and I am only playing on 1080p/144hz at the moment. I installed Call of Duty Cold War and I maxed out the settings at 1080p. As I am playing the campaign, the temperature of this GPU hits a red color from 86'C to 91'C (but 85'C is considered...
  3. K

    Question Oc'd my CPU and it's above 70ºC just with browser opened

    is this normal? i OC'd my CPU but i didn't expect the temperature to go this high i'm using MSI afterburner with the fans on Auto, and for some reason the fans won't go higher than 40% I'm using a i7-8700k and asus tuf z390 i selected extreme tuning in BIOS
  4. S

    [SOLVED] ASUS R9 390x strix 4GB overclocking question

    Hello guys! I just overclocked my GPU using it's recommended GPU Tweak II program. I increased the: -GPU clock from 990mhz to 1070mhz -GPU voltage from 1200mV to 1250mV -Memory clock from 1425mhz to 1500mhz -Fan speed percentage +26% -And the power target from 100% to 120% Is it safe? I keep...
  5. samudoma

    Question Disabling PWM fans (system, not CPU) under specific temperatures

    I have 4 PWM fans installed in my case (PcCooler Halo RGB 120 mm), MSI MPG Z490M Gaming Edge Motherboard, however temperature-wise I have no use for them (and their noise) while doing basic stuff or idling. Is it harmful or not to set them up in BIOS in DC smart fan mode in...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Brand new ADATA SSD runs way hot and throttle!

    So i just got this SSD today , it's ADATA SU650 480GB and i was really surprised , at first i encountered a bug where data written was 700TB before even making a partition (spoiler alert : it's 25660TB after a couple of hours LOL) so this is not too much of a problem just a software bug but...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Does a Sabrent NVMe 4.0 M.2 need a heatsink if it’s used with a PCIe3 motherboard?

    I’ve heard that gen4 m.2 drives can generate a lot of heat which can throttle performance and degrade them over time (I’m more concerned with the lifetime of the drive). Current motherboard has PCIe 3 so drive will be limited to 3400 read and 3000 write. Will this speed limit keep the drive...
  8. N

    [SOLVED] AIO not working, anything to do?

    Hi All A couple of days ago i got a warning when i booted up my PC saying that my CPU fan was not working properly. I didn't think much of it and tried to boot anyways to see if it still worked as normal, which it did. I've been getting this warning each time I've booted for the last couple of...
  9. R

    Question PC temps... air temp

    Hello, My computer gets pretty hot most of the time (55°C at idle) (80°C usually while gaming) and I was wondering, would it be bad for my computer if I open my window and allow for cold air to come in my room and cool it off? My computer is near my window and it helps a lot but I was worried...
  10. sidekick99

    [SOLVED] 3700x Temperature Spikes

    So when gaming my cpu temperature would average around 60° but occasionally ramps up to 70° and quickly goes back to 60°. I included a quick graph with my cpu temperature while playing watch dogs legion. Are these spikes anything to worry about? or is this normal? I don't know a lot about...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] New AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Boosting above base clockspeed causing high temps

    Just recently upgraded to a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU using a MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX Motherboard and I noticed it would run at 4.1GHz while idling reaching temps around 60c. I am using the stock cooler and I am worried that the CPU will overheat. I played a game for approx. 5 min to test if this would...
  12. OldHwOverclocker

    [SOLVED] High package temps amd a10-7850k apu

    I noticed that my a10-7850k package temps are very high. I overclocked to 4.2 Ghz with 1.4v voltage. Package temps 65C idle and 105C when stress testing. Core temperatures are 20-25C idle and 60C while stress testing. Is this normal? Also tried 4.0ghz stock voltage but didnt help too much only...
  13. GodWit22

    Question Replaced CPU, Temperature too high

    Hey guys, so I upgraded my CPU to i7-3770 from i5-3470, I had a problem booting up pc, because BIOS needed to be upgraded, I upgraded it successfully and CPU booted, everything is fine. The temperature is going very high for some reason I don't know, I installed cpu cooler be quite pure rock...
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Optimal temperature for an MSI GT1030 LP (Non-passive)

    Hey guys, I have a gt1030 which I’ve been using for a while now. The normal temperatures are about 40 degrees Celsius but when I run a game they go up to 80+. Is that okay? i do have a sff pc and the card is sorta tight fit. So, there not a lot room for airflow. Will this decrease the lifespan...
  15. W

    [SOLVED] Temperature monitor LCD inside case

    Hi, I was wandering if it's possible to place a small screen with CPU temp value inside case. I saw some raspberry builds but they're using Windows software and just displays temp through HDMI. But I was thinking about something that takes temp directly from sensors to be able to see temp both...
  16. Newcreationsurf

    [SOLVED] Please help! 10900k Bad CPU Temps in the mid 80's low 90's no matter what i do

    So recently i sold my PC and bought this PC As i was desperate for a 3080 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/cyberpowerpc-gamer-supreme-gaming-desktop-intel-core-i9-10900k-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-1tb-ssd-black/6428082.p?skuId=6428082 Turns out the AIO Was terrible and struggling to keep...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Good ways of cooling my GPU?

    Hi, I'm experiencing a major issue. I got a kickass computer with good components, about 1½ years old. I used to be able to run everything on maximum graphic settings using 3 monitors: One 27" curved monitor on 3840x2160 resolution, 144Hz Two 24" straight monitors on 1920x1080 resolution, 144Hz...
  18. G

    [SOLVED] 3800x fan speed and temperature spikes

    Hello , i just bought a 3800x with a ROG Strix B450-F Gaming and i experience some odd behavior , the temps when idle is around 48-62 (jumping from 48->62) when i use default settings in bios , i tried some settings myself with undervolting but i'm not an expert in OC and fielding around the...
  19. W

    [SOLVED] Sudden Change in GPU Performance/Temperatures

    Hi all, As an example, I have played total war consistently for a long time, my 1080Ti temp usually stayed around 70-75C with no problems. I've noticed recently while playing total war that my GPU temp is constantly at its temp limit, staying at 84C and after maybe 2 hours on the game it my...
  20. bonechiller1

    [SOLVED] YIKES some high motherboard temperature readings there

    Hi all, Currently running Windows 10 64 bit on an old, DDR3-based Gigabyte H97 Gaming 3 motherboard, with an i5 4690k. Most BIOS settings are at either stock or default, and I am not running a overclock at the moment, with the processor boosting to ~ 3.9 GHz at max. Running an aftermarket...
  21. S

    Question Excessive SSD Temperature

    Hello, I installed a new SSD (T-FORCE 500GB) about a month ago, and haven't had any issues. I like to check on my temps every few months, and noticed this particular SSD shows an excessively high temperature in HWMonitor and Open Hardware Monitor. I opened up the case, and it feels the same...
  22. C

    [SOLVED] I3 9100f max temperature

    Hi. At the first im sorry for my bad english. I bougth i3 9100f and today i am testing. When i use the cpu at 100% the temperature get at 90°C. What do you think about that temperature?
  23. Mido1

    [SOLVED] High cpu temperature and undervolting -(ryzen 5 3600x)

    I have ryzen 5 3600x with rtx 2080ti but I notice the high temperature of the processor in red dead redemption 2 game , with variable values ranging between 80 to 90 celsius basically and sometimes reaching to 92 and maybe up to 95 celsius .. is this normal ?? if isn't , Can I reduce the...
  24. Lemuel Buenviaje

    [SOLVED] A Question on the use of undervolting for long-term use (Laptop)

    Hey guys, its my first attempt to post a question on this forum so please go easy on me. :) My question is, I have applied an underclock and undervolt to my GTX 1660ti mobile, and have achieved stable performance while gaming and with Heaven benchmark. Now, would it be alright for me to leave...
  25. CantPauseMom

    Question Negative temperature in BIOS B450 Aorus Elite

    Hi, i'm having trouble with my B450 Aorus Elite. Under smart fan 5, my CPU temp is -55C, which makes my fan spin at just 1000RPM. Software on the other hand shows that the temps are at 60C idle and up to 95 under load. Another problem is that my PC takes like 2 minutes to start up properly. With...
  26. J

    [SOLVED] I get a Red Light on my motherboard while doing benchmarks.

    Hello there. I have a 9900k on a asus rog strix z390-e gaming; I have had a lot of issues with this build (details below) a lot of BSOD and so, finally I managed to change my PSU (as a SATA cable was... well, "bloated" so the connection would fail) and the ssd drive. My actual Issue is that...
  27. D3VIL1

    [SOLVED] cpu temp is above 80-90 even when idle

    so recently my games started to cause lag specifically valorant , i thought it was the windows issue i installed the window but my fps still dropped and pc lagged while viewing 1080p videos on youtube so i checked the temp it was as mentioned above 80-90 what should i do? image of temperature...
  28. Sejuru

    Question PC shuts down and then automatically restarts with games or while working

    Hi! I currently have a R5 2600X that is not overclocked and works with the stock cooler, I've had this pc since almost a year ago and it has been working perfectly, until recently, my pc started to shut down and restart when its required to "work more" or at least that's what I think, I can...
  29. EridanusSV

    [SOLVED] Proper front AIO mounting orientation?

    View: https://imgur.com/c0NgmUo As you can see from GamersNexus recent project and video -- they suggested to have the tubes below instead of the top. Would it really make a difference? He didn't mention any temps but only that it eliminates air bubbles. I have a 360mm on its way and now I'm...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] SSD temperature is high

    Hello, I've Curcial bx500 480gb ssd and i got it from only less than 1 week and temperature goes high like that : at the most its on 48-50c is that normal ?
  31. Wahit Fitriyanto

    [SOLVED] Core i7 3770 has a temperature of about 70C - 80C (Opening opera, discord, spotify) is it still safe to use ??

    I have a problem with my new computer (5 months). I'm using a core (My Spec is privacy) and a stock processor fan cooler. When the computer is just turned on, the temperature will range from 50C - 60C. and after opening several programs such as discord, spotify, and opera the temperature rises...
  32. 3bec

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 2600 High Temperatures

    Hello! So, im running Ryzen 5 2600 on GA-B450M S2H motherboard. My CPU is sitting on 50 celsius on idle. While gaming im getting about 68/75 celsius. I have updated the BIOS to the newest version and still nothing. Also when i putted away the side panel the temperatures on idle was like 45...
  33. J

    Question 3600x hitting >100 temps

    I recently built a machine using a 3600x with the stock Wraith Spire cooler. I ran some tests to make sure my temps are ok, but I'm getting over 100 degrees in less than 10 minutes in a Prime 95 Blend test. It sits around 82 degrees until about 7 minutes in and then the temperatures skyrocket. I...
  34. D

    [SOLVED] GPU Junction temperature

    I've read about junction temperature and they say that I dont have to worry about it, is it really true though? My GPU junction temp hits around 95 ish and my actual gpu temp is hitting 70 celcius I'm running ASUS Rog Strix 5700 XT (updated version) I have also overclocked. But when...
  35. chiezweez

    [SOLVED] Why does my ryzen 5 3600 getting the same render/export speed results compared to my old i5-4460?

    Hello. I just built a new pc using my old graphics card which is a gtx950. My old pc is an i5-4460 (stock) paired with 12gb of ram and my new pc is a ryzen 5 3600 (stock) with 16gb of ram. Im getting the same results in terms of speed in rendering and exporting h264 1080p using premiere pro. I'm...