Question My active adapter won't support 144hz


Nov 29, 2015
Hi, I have an issue with my active miniDP-DVI adapter( from what I understand, this is not a real active adapter, but my question is,
if it supports 4k@30hz, can I use a smaller resolution with 144hz such as 1280x800@144hz? I tried this from the display settings and if I do so, the monitor displays a message in the bottom right where it says it doesn't recognize the input cable, and that remains on the display until I change it back to 60 Hz. That doesn't bother me as much as the fact that sometimes it skips frames and remains completely black. I have also tried intermediary frequencies such as 100,119,120 with no success. Any advice is appreciated.
Monitor(Benq 2411z), GPU(GTX 1050TI laptop).
P.S. My monitor does not have HDMI 2.0 so that is out of the question.
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No, 60hz will be the maximum you can get with a non active adapter. Why that one says 30hz I have no idea. There so many adapters that falsely advertise their capabilities its hard to know what its true specs are.

A true active adapter will be fairly expensive, anywhere from 50-120 USD, and always will have a USB cable to supply power to the internal electronics which is the "active" part of it.