Question My BIOS resets to defaults whenever I shut down my system, changing CMOS battery hasn't fixed it ?

Jun 20, 2022
My System Spec ;
MotherBoard - x570 Aorus Pro WiFi
Processor - Ryzen 9 3900x
GPU - RTX 2070 Super
Ram - 8GB x2 3200mhz

the problem is whenever i shut down my system fully, my bios resets to default settings. When I change some settings in bios then "save & exit" and restart everything works fine even if I have to restart my system.

This problem occurs when I shut down the system and turns off power input for PSU. everything gets reset again - it shows this message:
"BIOS setting reset, please reconfigure your BIOS if needed"

I have changed my CMOS battery twice already - plz help me out to resolve this.