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  1. Silent gamer 01

    Question Slow charge in new lenovo battery

    Recently I had my laptop (Lenovo 330 I5ICH) battery replaced which was degraded to 5wh to new battery of 45wh. So my old degraded battery was charging at 3wh rate but my new battery is also charging at same rate of 3wh. My charger is 130w with 20v and 6.6ampere output rated . I had my charger...
  2. Wenoth

    Question My BIOS resets to defaults whenever I shut down my system, changing CMOS battery hasn't fixed it ?

    My System Spec ; MotherBoard - x570 Aorus Pro WiFi Processor - Ryzen 9 3900x GPU - RTX 2070 Super Ram - 8GB x2 3200mhz the problem is whenever i shut down my system fully, my bios resets to default settings. When I change some settings in bios then "save & exit" and restart everything works...
  3. O

    [SOLVED] Cannot disable CSM, auto enabled after reboot

    Hello, I want to install Windows 10 in UEFI Mode. But, every time I disable CSM in my motherboard's BIOS Setup, it gets auto-enabled after reboot. What is the reason? Can bios update fix it? Or is there any other solution? My specs: CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 1600 GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti Mobo ...
  4. M

    ASUS A320M-K solid yellow light---no start

    I have an ASUS A320M-K and am trying to run a AMD Ryzen 3200G cpu in it. It will not start. I have tried (2) new MB, different power supplies, multiple memory sticks and am running ASUS QVL memory. Could this be the BIOS problem? I have asked for a BOOT kit from ASUS.
  5. sleepsleepsleep

    Question Cant Enter BIOS

    Hey there, I have an issue with my motherboard where whenever I press F2 to get into the BIOS, its just a black screen. The ASUS ROG logo at the beginning pops up and after that nothing happens. SPECS: ASUS ROG STRIX B450 E Ryzen 7 2700x 16gb 3200mhz
  6. ExTRA1697

    Question Can’t install windows 10

    So trying to install and boot windows on this just doesn’t work, won’t let me do anything unless I override boot from the bios. First issue I ran into is pushing the power button no display no keyboard no mouse. Pc, fans, water cooling mobo lights turn on, no post beep just sits there...
  7. H

    Question Bios Issue: ROM Image is not loaded, ROM Image update denied

    after supposedly fixing an issue with my gpu, i rebooted my pc only for to be taken to my bios where i got the messages seen in the title. i try to just ignore it and go 'save and exit setup', but upon clicking 'yes', the computer freezes indefinetely. i tried resetting my OC, but that didn't...
  8. J

    Question Cannot change memory at 2133Mhz to 300Mhz?!

    I've recently run into an issue with my ram concerning that the motherboard bios cannot increase the Mhz standardised from 2133Mhz to 3000Mhz which is specified on the "Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4 3000 MHz C15 XMP 2.0 High Performance Desktop Memory Kit". Ive tried to run the...
  9. S

    HDMI to Displayport

    Hi guys, I know this has been asked soo many times it isn't funny anymore, well I have a gtx1060 and 2 benq rl2455hm. I just got my displayport to hdmi cables today and I plugged them in and my computer isn't recognizing them but it does when plunged into the HDMI port not the displayport. I...
  10. G

    Multiple fans on 1 sysfan header & 7v question

    Hi there, I'm building a new pc and have a couple of questions. I'd like to connect 4 fans on 1 sysfan header via a 1-4 splitter, I also want them connected via a 7v adapter. I want the fans to spin @ 900rpm and have a low noise level. By the way, I'm not looking for a fan controller, because...
  11. D

    What games it will run?

    Hello guys! I'm buiding PC with : CPU :i7-920 GPU :GTX-560 Ti MOBO : GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD3R RAM: DDR3 CORSAIS VENGEANCE BLACK 4GB 1600mHz HDD: HITACHI DECKSTAR 1000GB PSU: TACENMARS GAMING 500W OS : Windows 7. Im just glad to ask, how many FPS would be on CSGO, GTA 5, and any other new games...