My computer is crashing randomly


Feb 23, 2011
The other day I went out to my van to get my Tower and when I opened the trunk it fell out. I brought it into the house and opened it, and everything looked ok. When I started it up, about 1-3 minutes afterwards it would crash. It did this over and over until I reseated the cooler. Everything seemed normal again, until after about 10 minutes of gameplay (any game), it would crash. I reseated my GPU + reinstalled the drivers, however I still get the same error.

A while back, I'd check my 'Windows Rating' periodically, and all of them were in the '6.0-6.9' range except for my hard disk usage (always been like that [not relative]). Today I went in and looked, and my Processor and Memory was rated 5.4. I reseated my cpu and my memory, refreshed the windows rating, and then my processor and memory went from 5.4, to 5.1. A few minutes ago I reseated them once again, and now it's back to 5.4.

Note: Not sure if this is relevant to the issue, but I updated my bios earlier today

I honestly have no idea what the issue is, but I'm getting aggravated at the problem.

Here are some images which contain images of my specifications:

Thanks in advance for any help! I greatly appreciate it!

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