My Computer is Running worse.


Nov 15, 2011

To make things brief for all of us,

My computer has been running really crappy when trying to play most moddern games, but what gets me is that I just UPGRADED my pc.

I went from a 5750 AMD gfx card to 2 6850s. I also upgraded my mobo so the pci express outputs were at x16 and x8 which is enough to power the two cards. I also had to upgrade my power supply from a 500 to a 850 watt.

The problem I'm running into is that before, I could play games like Portal 2, on max settings with 30-40 fps on my old build with just one 5750, but now when I go back to play games like portal 2, my fps is 20 on max settings. I'm simply baffled at this and I know something has to be wrong.

Note* This happens in more games than portal two.

The only thing that I can think of is my CPU could of messed something up. I went from an Anthlon II quad to the new FX series quad core, this link is to the one I purchased.

If you have any suggestions on how I may fix my computer that would be great, its really annoying that I spent all this money on upgrading my PC just to have it run even worse than before.



Feb 2, 2012

May I suggest you install and run the PSI software from
to ensure all your software is up todate in case something is mising, causing your recurring problem.