Question My computer turns on without pressing the power button and does not turn off when held down.

Apr 15, 2019

So I recently came across a problem with my pc. I shut down my computer and it didn't turn off. The monitor went blank but the computer was still running. I held the power button down and it still didn't turn off. So I turned it off at the power point. Then when I turned it back on the computer start automatically without even touching the power button and still no display. There was no beep to signal that it had gone through post? So I did the process of elimination and ruled out it wasn't my video card. I even disconnected my case completely to rule out a faulty power button on the case, it still did the same thing turn on without a power button. I tried switching my ram sticks and removed them completely and started it up with just the cpu, psu and mb still turned on and didn't beep to signal no ram. I have sent my cpu, psu, mb and ram back to the place in which I bought it and they said they have got it up and running. Although please note that I did pull my cpu apart and cleaned it and reapplied thermal paste to make sure the cpu was not overheating. This temporary fixed the problem after several attempts over trying to start it however. The same problem happened again I shut it down and it didn't shut down.
I also tried resetting my cmos and even put a new battery in. I know something is faulty and the problem will happen again if the supplier sends it back to me. (I tried this whole process with and without my HDDS)

My hunch its either the MB or PSU

Thank you in advance for any advice or tips.

My pc specs are as follows:

Corsair HX850i 850W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply

Corsair Vengeance Ryzen CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Processor with Wraith Spire

ASUS Prime X370 Pro Motherboard

I forgot to mention all fans are working and there seems to be no power going out to my peripherals aka the mouse and keyboard
Apr 29, 2019
Hi, glennwith2ns.

I've had experienced a similar problem with Windows 7.

For me, the root cause is Windows Update fails to update, which it made Windows unbootable(Boot loop ends at "Starting Windows"); when it failed, I waited for the boot loop to come to the POST screen, but somehow, the keyboard and mouse was powered off. So I couldn't hit to respond to "Press Any Key to Boot From CD or DVD".

The fix that fixed it is broken into 2 parts :

1.Keyboard and mouse fix.
The process is very simple. Take the CMOS battery off for at least 1 minute, and put it back on.

2. Windows fix.
If you have, just ask me. I know how to fix it.

EDIT: My PC also had 0 beeps, trying to switch off the PSU couldn't stop the autoboot thing either, but I didn't have the "Auto Shutdown thing", because I couldn't access Windows.

Ignorance and edit: Ignore the "fix part" it's off.
The scnario is "Turn on computer after power loss" in the BIOS/UEFI was on.
No matter what you do, it will turn itself on.
For the "Can't shutdown" part, sometimes it happened to me; I fix it by switching off the PSU.
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This NEVER EVER happened to me, but just saw a utube repair video, apparently BUTTONS DO FAIL. Buttons are easy enough troubleshoot with an ohmmeter, or you can even temporarily swap power and reset, both do the same thing.