Question My Internet Disconnects when downloading stuff

Sep 24, 2019
Hi guys,

so i've had this problem for around 2 months now, my internet disconnects when downloading certain things or even just opening a youtube video or even just scrolling down messages on discord.

When the internet disconnects i usually just reboot the router and it comes back.

okay so one of the things that can disconnect my internet is roblox, let's say i join a game on roblox, when i'm loading, roblox games usually download the games files one time when you first join, so when i join specific games on roblox my internet just disconnects, then as i said i reboot the router, it comes back, i try joining it again, it disconnects again.

and sometimes downloading steam games could also disconnect my internet.

Some more info:
-I am currently using Windows 10
-It has nothing to do with the router since this is an issue I have had on multiple routers.
-i talked with my ISP about this problem and they it was fine from their end, they also sent a guy to check it from here but they couldn't find the problem
-i do not use/have any modern, i only have a router
-i have internet connected to my pc via a cable, basically ethernet
-the internet also disconnects from all the devices connected to the router
-i have tried running the same roblox games on my mobile and it still disconnected the internet.

my pc specs:
Motherboard: MSI B150 Pro Gaming/Aura
Windows Version - Windows 10 1803
Nvidia GTX 950

i'm not entirely sure about the other specs, i've had this PC for around 4 year now, and i never really had an internet issue with it or anything, and i've never really had an issue like this ever while using internet in general.

if anybody can help me, i'll be really thankful for you.