Question My internet is fast but packet loss in video games is too frequent and games unplayable ?

Apr 1, 2022
PC Specification
MSI Z390 Gaming Edge AC
RAM: Hyper X predator 8x2 16 GB
SSD: WD blue SN550 M.2
OS: Windows 10 21H1
Internet packet speed
Download 500 Mbps
Upload 500 Mbps

I have 2 routers, 1 is downstairs with the cable connecting from outside to the router downstairs and the other one is upstairs with my PC. When I use lan I get internet speed 300/300 mbps and 1-2 ms of ping (when I test it).

I seem to have problems when playing online video games for example CSGO, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege just to name a few. I get 1-2% but then It will be 5-10% and more also my ping also increases when packet loss happens even when I use lan.

Things I have tried
-reset my pc back to factory settings
-use latest intel wifi and lan driver
Please help me. Thank you in advance :)
It sounds like you mean you use wifi to connect between the downstairs and upstairs routers.

Even if you connect your pc to the upstairs router with a ethernet cable you still have a wifi connection in the path. Doing this is not really much different than using a wifi card that connects via a USB.

The design of wifi data transmission and games are fundamentally incompatible. It is your absolute worse combination. Wifi gets random interference from outside you house which can not be fixed. This causes lag spikes in games. Pretty much any other application in not affected as badly by the interference.

You might get some result by moving the upstairs router to get better signal or maybe change the wifi channels. This seldom works anymore there are just too many neighbors using wifi.

The only real solution is to not use wifi to play games. If you have coax connections near the main router and the pc you can use MoCA and get close to gigabit speeds. You can also consider powerline networks. It might actually be a bit slower than wifi, you likely will get about 150mbps or so with the units called av1000 or av2000. The speed does not matter for games though the only use about 1mbps or less to play. What is key is the data has extremely consisent latency and packet loss unlike wifi.