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  1. C

    Question Something Detached From My Motherboard

    Hello, Average PC User here. Last time I used my PC is yesterday before it malfunctioned badly. Got a blue screen of death after a few second of starting in my Windows 10. Showed some stop code: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. Then I searched this on internet and it says I have some hardware issues on...
  2. H

    Question Load balancing with 2 x ADSL internet ?

    Hey there, I ordered dualwan load balancing router. Would like to get answer about load balancing. I have an adsl internet and my neighbour also have adsl internet. We want to load balancing both networks. My question is, will it possible to use one lan from adsl and second from wifi repeater...
  3. Cuuuubeeee

    Question LAN connection is slow. 500mbps internet but didnt even reach 100mbps on speedtest ?

    hello. im using internet 500mbps speed. connected LAN CAT7 to my pc. Before this, my speedtest reach 500mbps speed, but starting few weeks ago, it didnt even reach 100mbps. my phone connected with wifi and the speed even better than LAN. atleast reached 400mbps but on pc with LAN CAT7 doesnt...
  4. A

    Question Internet keep disconnecting after few mins and captcha issue

    Hi there, I have 2 issues with my internet. My internet keeps going down despite my lan shows connected to internet. After restarting the router, the internet goes up again. I have b550 aorus elite v1 motherboard. Second, my local internet provider has an issue with captcha. I have to do a...
  5. klaflo

    Question Download/Upload slow on LAN network ?

    Hello, so recently I have tried to share some files between the two PCs on my home network. I have set up my local shared folder and tried to upload some files onto it. So basically the connection or copying rather, was very slow and I have no idea why. My switch is gigabit, download/upload...
  6. M

    Question How to safely share a Drive in Network?

    In my office LAN Network, there are 3 PCs and 2 Laptops. The D: drive in the first PC have all the data which is shared in the network. Now the permission is as such that anyone who connects to the network will have access to all the folders and files in the drive. Now I want to restrict that...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Speed tests not showing full internet speed

    I recently changed my ISP and upgraded to a 500mb/s speed. I know I probably wont get the full speed but on my phone (a52 5g) with wifi i get about 250-300mb/s but on my pc (hooked up with a cable) I can barely get 90mb/s. Im using the mobo LAN but I dont think its that since its a gigabit LAN...
  8. Question My LAN connection only reaches 100Mb, even though both sides support 1Gb?

    I recently got Gigabit fiber. It is connected to a Zyxel VMG8825-T50 modem. Through Wi-Fi I get roughly 200Mb on my laptop. Surprisingly, through Ethernet (using a cat5e cable, exact model: Cablexpert MOD8716309, brand new, 15m) I get only around ~95Mb. Checking on my router's homepage, I get...
  9. noyaus

    [SOLVED] Help in understanding Active Directory and WAN/LAN

    Hi Guys, This is on behalf of my friend who is in Year 12 and has a question on networking and information systems(I'm not sure what category this would come under). I understand that Active Directory alongside Windows Server is used for user management, desktop PC management etc. across a...
  10. B

    Question Internet Speeds are low

    I just upgraded my setup from a Ryzen 5 2600x to an i7-10700k and with that a new motherboard. I Had the b450 and now have the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Wifi. The only thing that has changed is the motherboard however my internet speeds went from 800+ to 50-70. While that is still not slow I cannot...
  11. R

    Question Router with bandwidth control on ethernet port

    Hi, I was wondering if I can get a list of routers that can do the following: Control bandwidth on each ethernet port. Monitor the bandwidth on each ethernet port showing how much data they have used because I have an allowance of 2TB per month. Monitor the bandwidth of each device connected...
  12. N

    Question Questions about basic network stuff

    Hello everybody, this is my 1st post. Before I actually place the questions, I feel the need to mention that I'm a higher than average user of PC and internet, also with some programming experience, however I'm a total newbie in networks and well below the average when it comes to understanding...
  13. ChonkyCookie17

    [SOLVED] CAT 5e and CAT 6e not exceeding 94Mbps on a 300/300 Mbps connection

    Long story short, When I use the cable provided with the router on any of the LAN ports on my router, i get full 300Mbps speed. I recently got 2 cables, 5e and 6e, and manually connected RJ45 heads on both endings (all 4 pairs) and verified them using a LAN tester, with all 8 working...
  14. S

    Question Bad onboard ethernet port?

    I've been having an issue where I can't get my ethernet cable when inserted to light up the light on the motherboard. I've tried multiple solutions: buying a brand new ethernet cable, uninstalling the ethernet driver and re-installing it. When checking available adapter options the ethernet...
  15. C

    Question Installed PCIE Network Adapter

    Hello, So I recently just installed a new PCIE Network adapter, after turning on my pc, it restarts a total of three times and it boots up completely like normal. Is there anything i should be concerned? Or is this normal? Thanks
  16. Question trying to use two laptops for file sharing that are connected to same wifi router or network.

    Hello sir I have one pc which is connected to internet through a router (LAN) using ethernet cable. The router also enables my laptops to use wifi so i have connected both laptops using wifi to the router. I am trying to connect these PC to a single public folder or server to share files. I have...
  17. P

    Question Google speed test discrepancy

    Hello all, I am having an issue with my internet speed based on what google speed test reports. I have a 200Mb/s ISP connection and until recently this was reflected when I ran the google speed test. However, one day that I ran the test randomly, I noticed that I am only getting 30 or so Mb/s...
  18. M

    Question Ethernet connection intermittent and slower than Wifi

    Hi All, My desktop PC in the past 3 months has picked up an odd Ethernet connection issue which I have temporarily resolved by using a USB wifi dongle, but this is causing ping/latency issues. PC's connection via Ethernet cable directly into the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 has recently become...
  19. S

    Question Connecting 2 Computers

    Is there a way to connect these 2 computers together on a local network using the current setup? I've looked up tutorials on youtube but couldn't seem to find the right video.
  20. S

    Question How do I connect two computers connected to the same router through 2 different LAN cables?

    I have two computers connected to the same router - connected through LAN ports 1 & 2. I just want to be able to play LAN games but apparently our computers can't detect each other.
  21. rayyanmaulana

    [SOLVED] LAN constantly disconnects

    So i just recently upgraded my pc from an intel i3 6100 to a ryzen 5 1600, and i noticed that after i upgraded, my pc's internet would sometimes cut off on its own and then quickly connect again. this would go on once every few minutes and its starting to annoy me, any idea what might be the...
  22. Jeremy488

    Question MSI X570 gaming plus Ethernet port not working

    So my 4 yo stuffed straws into the fans on the back of my computer no idea how long they were there pulled them out and now my built in Ethernet port is not working I also tried to install a wireless card but it’s not working either both the plug in lan and wireless but give me the same error in...
  23. J

    Question Ethernet doesn't work but Wireless WiFi does on PC (Windows 10)

    So for the past 3 days I've been trying to fix this issue, I've surfed what feels like the entirety of Google to try and find solutions but none have worked so far. This is my issue as short as possible - In Windows 10 when I use my Ethernet, Windows detects that I've got a EC plugged in and...
  24. Toenail007

    Question Internet taking 20 seconds to connect during bootup. New issue.

    Hello, Recently my internet is taking a bit to connect after bootup. This hasn't happened before, I've had the same computer for over 3 months now. What could possible cause this issue? My computer has always been connected with LAN. Thanks,
  25. [SOLVED] WISP routing

    I need help sharing my phone connection wirelessly to a wired network switch and a WAN at the same time. To be more specific, I want a router (or some other device?) to connect to my phone WIFI wirelessly and pass the connection to the network switch through ethernet and pass the connection to...
  26. weybrew

    [SOLVED] Data transfer speed variance

    As a senior, non-techie, I've come across varying speed ratings of components in my home ethernet LAN. While working on my network router I noticed that in the specs it gives it a max rating of 1GB transfer speed. My home network is a simple 2-PC setup, yet I've never felt that I'm seeing fast...
  27. refluxed

    Question I get disconnected from game servers for a few seconds, constantly

    I'm new to this forum so I'm sorry if i miss something. Since I moved to another country, I experience disconnects from game servers in multiple games (Minecraft/Red Dead Online/Overwatch) but didn't happen in others like CS:GO or League of Legends. I'm using a STRONG Mesh Extender (1600Mbit)...
  28. slavoi

    [SOLVED] Mixing VLANs with managed switches

    Hello everyone :) In my house on the first floor, I have internet from one supplier and TV from different one. I have 1 CAT6 cable running from the 1st floor to the second, but I want both TV and net (LAN) on the second floor. Is it possible to run them both on 1 cable via managed switch on the...
  29. H

    Question Such a WEIRD issue with Ethernet - at my wit's end.

    I honestly cannot understand what the problem I am facing is. I bought a new router today - the Asus AX58U - great, powerful little thing that was purchased to increase the speeds and stability of my Wi-Fi network. As it happens - it does not seem to have done either, so I could just go back...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] Mirror/stream a screen on a LAN (IP)

    Hello! Im wondering if it is possible to mirror/stream/share a computer screen to an LAN. Which could be accessed by another device whos on the same LAN via the browser (like It should also work when the wifi isnt connected to the internet, so within the LAN itself. Much thanks!
  31. BobTheBudgetBuilder

    [SOLVED] WiFi working but the Ethernet's dropping out every 10 Minutes.

    The WiFi works fine but the ethernet's dropping out every 10 minutes for a few seconds. it's been bugging like hell. I reset the settings. performed entire setup from scratch. Didn't work. Tried anything the internet has to offer. Some forums say they changed the router but didn't work. Before I...
  32. Avik Basu

    [SOLVED] Can I use an old router to extend my WiFi

    I have a Netgear D1500 that I'm considering replacing because of its terrible WiFi range. But since I'm not sure why the range is terrible I was wondering if it turns out that the new router isn't giving me a good range either (maybe due to low range or external interference) then can I use the...
  33. J

    [SOLVED] ATT Fiber w/ Arris BGW210 gateway auto-negotiating 100mbps rather than gigabit

    Recently added cat 6 cable to my house. Cat6 goes from ONT > cat 6 walljack > cat6> BGW210 > cat6> cat6 walljack > cat6 > cat5e walljack > cat 6> my PC. My PC has a realtek gigabit LAN card with updated drivers. No matter what I try, the router keeps auto-negotiating my speed to 100 mbs...
  34. P

    [SOLVED] Bypassing Wireless router

    Hey guys, got a question. My ISP upgraded the bandwidth to 250 mbps. Currently my ethernet cable runs through wireless router to provide wi-fi for mobile devices and my pc is connected to router via LAN port on router. The problem is - these LAN ports are 100mbps max bandwidth. I was thinking...
  35. bintangwidiyo

    [SOLVED] 100 mbps lan speed and 1gbps lan speed

    So i got 2 computer, one of it had lan speed at 1gbps and the other one is 100mbps. My ISP connection give me 50mbps connection speed. So when the 2 pc play apex legends the 1gbps speed is fine and smooth, but the 100mbps speed get lagging sometimes. One thing that i hate is my router only give...
  36. V

    Question Network controller disapeared

    Hi guys! I have custom made desktop computer on MOBO Gigabyte Z390 UD that has WIN7 (drivers for USB are from WinRaid forum) and WIN 10 on separate SSD's. Selection of OS is via BIOS so there is no OS interference. Today I have to reinstall WIN 7, but now it is impossible to install Realtek...
  37. gitarwiner

    Question Windows won't recognize LAN Cable

    Hello! I have a old computer with a gigabyte Z68AP-D3 MOBO, and since I installed windows 10 it won't recognize the lan cable when I plug it in. I've tried to download all the drivers and also run them on compatibility mode. Nothing seems to work. I've already tested the cable, the router and...
  38. Sshorab

    Question WiFi speed faster than Ethernet speed.

    Hello all, My Router is a D Link 600M. I'm on PPPoE connection from my ISP. Marketed speed is 25Mbps. For some unknown reason my WiFi download and browsing speed is faster, But horribly slow when it's through Ethernet. Using and I get 25Mbps over WiFi. But 100kbps...
  39. MrNope

    Question Winlogon crash when transferring data over Lan

    Hi, for no better use I have my old Optiplex 755 set up as pseudoNAS. It runs windows 7 pro, I have shared folders over LAN. Issue is that when I'm transferring bigger ammount of data (1GB+), the winlogon crashes and system cuts off all incoming/outgoing data over LAN. RDP cannot be used at that...
  40. S

    [SOLVED] Two computers, connected via LAN in same way, two very different speeds, pulling my hair out as to why.

    Hello, I have two computers (#1 and #2 below) connected to the same switch, and one consistently sees over 800Mbps download speeds via Ookla speed test, the other sees only 300-400Mbps. All specs below. I have done all of the adjustments on widows 10 suggested (set to max duplex speed, turn...