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  1. D

    Question Fury DDR4 2666 C15 2x4GB vs Team T-Force Vulcan 8GB (2 x 4GB)

    so my team vulcan is being shipped to me right now. I have one problem with it though, i didnt mean to buy it, so i have to wait for it to get to me. So i can ship it back to get my money back since i can't cancel the order anymore. i'm debating wether i should keep it or get the "Fury DDR4" or...
  2. F

    Question Budget Mobo for i3 Skylake

    Replacing my aging but still reliable i3-6100 3.70GHz (Skylake) with an i7-6700K, I would like to throw the i3 into another PC and are looking for a budget mobo to accommodate? I also replaced my Radeon R7 370 with an RX 580, so this motherboard would need to accommodate the R7 as well, I would...
  3. P

    Question Is my display or graphics card broken?

    Hello everyone. Three weeks ago i bought new display My previous display was iiyama G-Master G2530HSU Black Hawk (with this i hadn't any problems)...
  4. H

    Question Keyboard and mouse do not work after Windows 10 loads

    Last night the power went out my house and then was restored. My PC came back on then automatically went into the restart process and there was a Windows update showing in progress. It ran it's course the PC restarted and when it got to the windows sign in screen neither my mouse or keyboard...
  5. Gh0s1

    Question Ram running at 800MHz

    I have a Hyperx Fury 8gb DDR4 stick in my PC, now I'm not sure what speed it's meant to be running at... but I know for certain that it should'nt be running at 800MHz. Quick google search shows there isnt even a stick of ddr4 ram at 800MHz (thats 8gb) lol
  6. E

    Question Old PSU Work for New Build?

    I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a new build. I have an old Corsair HX750 PSU (this one and want to know if it will work for the new build. Below are the components I'm planning on using: Core i7-9700k Gigabyte Z390...
  7. Scannerman!

    Question Radeon Hd 5450

    Hi new to group, was wondering I own a zoostorm pc with Intel intergrated graphics 1tb hard 12gb ddr3 ram windows 10 home,mother board nm70-m,I want to put a graphics card in been told I can use any card I like but when I do scan of my pc I'm told i can only use hd 5450 or gtx 560 ti any help...
  8. A

    Question How much should i spend on fixing this pc?

    I have a broken pc with these specs: CPU: FX6300 RAM: 2x8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance Mobo: msi 970a-g43 GPU: Radeon r7 360 (sapphire) Drive: Toshiba 500gb hdd PSU: 500w bronze I dont need it for any work and im not even going to be using it, i just want to host a minecraft server on it. How much...
  9. A

    Pc only boots to bois

    My mates pc will not boot to desktop. He can only boots to bois, but can't get past that. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. T

    Will a 4x4 16GB work on this MOBO?

    Hello, community! So I was just wondering if my Vengence LPX DDR4 (4x4) 16gb kit will work on my motherboard. I've looked at the memory support list on the motherboard's information page but usually, there are way more modules to be listed on there. I don't even know if my motherboard will...
  11. W

    Components advice? .

    So I’m starting to finalize the prices to my computer and all I really need is a good mother board that’ll support and fit with everything I have, My setup so far is Case: AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower with Acrylic Side Window, Black CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X might just get 2600 cause of a new egg...
  12. C

    No signal on monitor, booting out of case

    Hello all, I have used the website before to aid me and my pc woes, but today I need more help. I recently upgraded my case and gpu and haven't been able to get a signal on my monitor. I followed the steps in a response from...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] New Windows 7 64bt setup? are all the windows updates still needed please?

    hi, looked through the list to install and there are so many updates now and some i have never even seen before as its been so long, are these all needed these days and if so are there any to avoid so i dont get problems or things asking me to go to windows 10 etc? tried to find a list of just...
  14. B

    newbie wants 2 know

    Hi every1 my question is can my Asus ROG20 aj pc can i put a 1060GTX graphics card in the system without having problems?here are system specs System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 1/10/2019, 07:10:56 Machine name: DESKTOP-JNK6P6T...
  15. C

    Which drivers do i need

    Hi. I have a gtx 1050ti paired with a ryzen 3 2200g. I hve disabled the graphics for the ryzen 3 and was wondering if i still need to download the adrenaline software for it?
  16. O

    WD Green 3TB shuts internet etc...

    Ok so i have weird problem. I have 3tb wd green from my old pc - i dont even remember to using it but whatewer XD I insert it into my new mashine and after fwe seconds web browser seems not to see internet connection, i cant acces computer, downloads, documents and so on. total comander cant...
  17. A

    How large should my partition be for a "bare-bones" Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 operating system?

    I've got a ASUS P8Z68-V PRO maxxed-out with 6 internal drives. C: OS=Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB, D: =Hitachi-LG Data Storage BD-RE WH16NS40 BluRay Burner, E: =Western Digital WD5002AALX-00J37A0 500GB, F: =Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB, G: =Seagate ST2000DM001-1CH164 2TB, H: =Toshiba MD04ACA400 4TB. I...
  18. S

    How do I switch my main hard drive

    Okay, so my pc has an SSD and a hard drive. I installed window on my SSD so it could be faster. But ever since I did that my default hard drive has been the SSD. And everything is downloading to my SSD and not my hard drive. How do I make it where Everything downloads to the hard drive? (Disk C...
  19. R

    Infinite spinning screws in my computer.

    It was my first pc build and i tighted the screw tonmuch and now its doing infinite spin. Can i fix it somehow? The screw is on my storage bracket. Its not a deep screwhole its just a hole on a thin steel surface. I tighted in too much so the hole is too big for the screw.
  20. M

    Bios update went wrong

    I updated my bios just like the computer told me to, unfortunately I accidentally closed the tab and now, I try to update it again but it got error and can't be updated. What's wrong with the computer? It is a laptop by the way