Question ISP Says my LAN Configuration is Unsupported

Aug 24, 2019
My ISP is a Broadband service (Coax cable connects me to their network). My Home LAN consists of a cable modem connected to a wired router and a wireless router connected, by crossover cable, to the wired router. It supports multiple devices, mobile, desktop, streaming and VOIP. During a recent service call a tech support rep at the ISP informed me that my router configuration was "unsupported".

I was surprised to hear this because I've used this configuration for years and told them about it before. This is the first I've heard it referred to as unsupported.

Has anybody else experienced a similar situation? How did it affect connectivity/service? I'm also interested in hearing what responses have been tried and what the results were?

I would like to stay ahead of this if I start having issues connecting through the wireless router.


Anything past the modem to them is "unsupported". They are not responsible for it. So I guess it depends on your definition of "unsupported". If you network is functioning as desired, then I would not worry about what your ISP says.
LOL. Doesn't sound like you have a problem, just a case of TMI (Too Much Information)!

Ya basically ISP only responsibility is to deliver you the signal to the modem, u try to ask them anything behind that, and they throw their hands up, or in this case gives u the "unsupported" jargon.