Question My PC keeps crashing randomly

Jun 25, 2021
Hi all,

So this happened a few days back, I am a new pc builder and this is my first built. I have prepared everything before hand apart from the GPU, I bought it second hand form eBay at first when I tried to play a game, my whole pc crashes , not blue screen, it just restarts and bring me back to the window's login bit. This has happened very consistently and it also crashes when I'm doing stuff "too quick" like opening two tabs and closing it too quickly. I am not a very tech savvy person so I have no idea what is wrong with my pc.

So as any person would do I went on the internet to find answers, I came across discord group which quickly did some test on my PC, we did Cinebench, Furmark, Hwinfo, Prime 95 and Memtest86 and all of them came back fine apart from the GPU (or at least I think so, I don't know how to read the graph, the screen shot is provided here, I know the PSU is weird, I've brought a new one and it's all okay now)

They have told me that the GPU might be the reason for why my pc kept crashing and told me to buy a new GPU, I just want a second opinion on this if anyone can provide any, or perhaps even tell me what is wrong with it.

Thank you all in advance