Question My PC randomly crashed and now GPU 3090 is not detected?

Jul 27, 2022
So I built this PC a few months ago, with a 3090 GPU, 10700k CPU, z490-a motherboard

Yesterday my PC randomly crashed, and on restart no display was seen so I assume the GPU is not connected anymore. I checked if the PCIe slot x16 was the problem by connecting my backup 1060 card, but it is working totally fine. The only difference here is that the 3090 takes a 2x8 pin power supply cable, while 1060 takes 1x6 pin cable but I don't know how likely this can be the problem.

I've tried looking up how to troubleshoot and find what the problem is; it can be down to the PSU or GPU itself. I had also looked for driver updated and noticed there was a new one for 3060 2 days ago (16th Nov 2022) if that might have triggered this problem. Any help or advice is much appreciated.

I'm not sure if the LED lights the CPU gives off when booting helps or how to check what debug code it is sending, here is a video:
Jul 27, 2022
Yes, it can be. And the most burning question is: PSU make and model (or part number) is? Also, how old the PSU is, and was the PSU bought new or used/refurbished?
It is a "be quiet! 1200W Platinum" power supply, completely new I bought half a year ago


I had also looked for driver updated and noticed there was a new one for 3060 2 days ago (16th Nov 2022)
This is irrelevant for you, since you have RTX 3090 and not RTX 3060.

be quiet! 1200W Platinum
While the unit has reviewed well, it has two downsides: high price and mediocre reliability.

High price is talked in almost every review of the PSU, e.g:
review 1:
review 2:,1.html

And PSU reliability can be seen from the warranty length it has been given.
In a nutshell:
up to 2 years - terrible reliability
3 years - poor reliability (e.g Corsair VS/CS)
5 years - mediocre reliability (e.g Be Quiet! Straight Power 11, Seasonic G12, Corsair CX)
7 years - good reliability (e.g Seasonic Core/Focus GM, Corsair TX/AX)
10 years - great reliability (e.g Seasonic Focus GX/PX, Corsair RMx/HX/HXi/AXi)
12 years - superb reliability (e.g Seasonic PRIME)

Here, it is possible that your PSU acted up and thus, fried your GPU.

Since PSU powers everything, it is the most important component inside the PC. And due to that, i won't be looking towards any PSU that has less than 10 years of warranty. I'd rather have Seasonic Focus PX, than Be Quiet! Straight Power 11, with half the expected lifespan, compared to Focus GX. (In fact, i do have Focus PX, it's powering my old AMD build, while i have Seasonic PRIME 80+ Titanium units powering my and my missus'es PCs. Full specs with pics in my sig.)

Now, as of what to do next.
You've already established that your RTX 3090 is toast, since PC powers on and works fine with your GTX 1060. For conformation, you could put your RTX 3090 into 2nd PC and look if it works there or not (my guess is that it won't).
You can RMA your RTX 3090 but if it's found out that it was your PSUs fault, i doubt you can get a replacement or your money back, since GPU warranty doesn't cover when it is fried by PSU.

Moving forwards, i, personally, would kick the Straight Power 11 out of the PC and into garbage bin, and buy Seasonic PRIME instead. E.g TX-1600. Since a chance that PSU has already killed 1 GPU, has good chances that it can kill another one as well, e.g replacement for your RTX 3090, either another RTX 3090 or RTX 4080/4090.

Also, it is possible that your GPU died on it's own. And in this case, GPU RMA would give you replacement GPU. But i still be suspicious of the PSU you have, since it isn't normal that PC just restarts on it's own and killing hardware in the process. Usually, it's the inferior PSU that acts this way.