Question My USB and other input devices keep on getting disconnected on random.

Sep 5, 2019
Hi there i have the Asus prime b450 plus motherboard with a Ryzen 3400g.
The problem i have is that my mouse and keyboard randomly keep on getting disconnected and unplugging and replugging them does not work i have to force restart my computer and thats the only way they will be detected again.
Its not just my usb but also my ethernet thats get disconnected.
But my HDMI works fine still as my monitors is powered and if i am doing video playback that still continues running i just have no way to interact with the PC other than the power button.

Every time this happens i hear a disconnect(unplug) sound on windows thats warms me that devices got unplugged. But on replugging the devices are not detected none of the usb devices ( but my external hardrive is still receiving power).

Things i have done to fix this problem.
Reinstall USB drivers.
Update other drivers, including motherboard and chipset.
Restarted computer after unplugging everything out.
I have taken out single devices plugged in to see if one of USB devices was doing a short circuit and it looks like that was not the case.
I made sure that USB devices receive power always from my power settings.
Uninstalled Antivirus.

None of the problems was solved and i am increasingly thinking its my motherboard thats causing this problem so i am thinking of getting a replacement if possible.
Thats my build :