Build Advice Need advice for building a top spec PC on a £3000 budget ?

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Oct 19, 2022

As the title says, I'd like to ask for some advice on building a top spec pc. I'm looking specifically for top quality GPU and CPU, I'm eyeing the the RTX 4090 and Intel I9 13900k with 64 gb ddr4 Ram. 1000watt PSU and liquid cooler.

The pc I want to use for gaming mainly, I play lots of triple A rpg games, RTS, turn based strategy, but I might consider using it for virtualisation.

This is the first pc I will build ever, so I won't know if anything might bottleneck its performance. The reason I'm looking for top quality components is because I don't want to keep upgrading it to enjoy maximum performance and quality with yearly game releases, I want to build something that will last me for a couple of years at least.

If someone has better suggestions I'm all eyes :)
It does, yeah.

Btw. is it at all possible I can install fans the wrong way around? they have back-panels, so I assume they are meant to blow air in a single direction. But whats the purpose of these fans? Cooling or removing heat from the case?
Yes they blow air in a single direction, so yes you can install them in a sub-optimal fashion. The most common configuration would be for the front fans to pull in cool air from the front and the rear fans to push hot air out the back.