Question Need cooling/fan advice for i9-13900k -2 identical prebuilt PCs, fans not recognized in one of them.

Dec 29, 2022
Hi all - first time poster. I'm trying to optimize thermals and I can't see many of the fans in the bios or monitoring software, so it's hard for me to know if they're spinning fast enough.

Small digression: My wife and I bought 2 identical prebuilds from Cyberpower (would have built ourselves, but it was actually way cheaper this way). I'll post the specs at the bottom. The first day I got the PCs, mine would not post at all. After going to 3 different techs, I learned the i9 was DOA. Had to buy a new one. It's been fine since. (My wife's PC was fine)

On HWMonitor, it's only identifying 3 fans:

"PUMP" (constant 2420 RPM) and
"SYS3" (~1200RPM)
"SYS4". (~1200RPM)
Both FanControl and BIOS are not recognizing any other fans, but they are spinning.

Mine: View:
- Both "SYS_Fan2" and "CPU_Fan" are not plugged in (I can see the pins sticking out)
Wife's: View:
- All hers are plugged in.

Just to confirm, the PUMP fan is the one that sits directly on the CPU right? And so CPU Fan = the 360mm? Does that mean my AIO exhaust fans are plugged into the PSU? I'm assuming essentially all of my fans are now plugged into the PSU except the PUMP? But on my wife's HWMonitor, her "PUMP" shows only 1000 rpm and "CPU" at 2400 rpm (same as my "PUMP") Just very confused.

Any help would be appreciated - trying to figure this out before taking the whole thing apart or taking it back in.

CP Masterliquid Lite 360mm ARGB Watercooler
3xCP Dual Add. Digital ARGB 120mm 3pin fans
MSI Mag Z690 Tomahawk DDR5 ATX WiFi 6
GeForceRTX 3080 10gb


Jan 11, 2018
Pump should be connected to pump/AIO unless the AIO manual (such as corsair) says otherwise.

Many Motherboard let you select if you have a DC or PWM fan connected, some also have Auto.

Can't tell from your pics. If it's 3 pin its DC, 4 pin its PWM. I suggest if the BIOS has it set to auto.thar you select the respective option.
Dec 29, 2022
It's a 3 pin going into the "PUMP_Fan1" on the mobo - there is nothing connected to the "CPU_Fan1" - I'm just trying to differentiate the PUMP fan from the 360mm fans in my AIO, since I only see "PUMP" in HWMonitor.