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Jun 14, 2020
I have spent a lot of money the past few weeks trying to fix my computer after my old motherboard went. This is not my first build and I am fairly versed with computers.
I have replaced the motherboard, cpu, cpu cooler, case, and waiting still on PSU that blew so I'm using a temporary. I've just replaced the CPU yesterday and I'm still having the same issue.

The issue is no boot. When I first plug in the power cord to my PSU the LED on the motherboard lights up when I flick the PSU switch on. I go to press the power button and nothing happens. No boot. No start up sounds of any sort. And the PSU fan does not start up.

Parts List:
-The temporary PSU I'm using is a Evga 650W supernova. Waiting on my Evga 750WPSU.
-The new CPU is now a Ryzen 7 3600x from my old Ryzen 3 2200g.
-The new Motherboard is now a Asus B450F Gaming from my old MSI Tomahawk B350.
-The new CPU cooler is a Hyper 212 Coolermaster from my old Ryzen Wraith Cooler.
-My new Case is a Meshify Fractal Design C from an old ATX DIYPC case.
-My Graphics Card is a Gigabyte GTX 1650 OC.
-My Ram is Aegis G.Skill DDR4 3000 and I have 2 sticks in.
-I have 5 Fans in my PC. Along with the CPU Cooler and fan.
-Not sure the brand, but I believe it's a Toshiba 1tb HDD

So far the things I have tried:
Using a paperclip to the power pins in the case to make sure it wasnt front panel connectors and got nothing.

I have used a paperclip in the PSU cord to test, which the PSU fan turns on.

I have reconnected and rewired everything about 3 times to make sure everythings tight.

I've done a lot of researching, and using all the manuals with all my parts and just cannot seem to figure this one out. I'm very upset at the moment as to the fact of all the money that's been spent, also needed to return that other PSU, everything's relatively new, and I've been without my PC for about a month in a half or 2.
Jun 14, 2020
Maybe an earlier version of the asus b450f gaming motherboard without the BIOS update?
I was thinking about that. But after research 2 days ago. The motherboard box does say Desktop 3000 Ready. I do have the latest update of Bios on a usb but how would I do that without being able to boot to bios?


Sep 9, 2019
Re-check the 24 pin power connector on the motherboard. If you have a modular PSU, check the connection at the PSU as well. Sometimes those darn 24 pin power connectors take a bit of pressure to fully connect to the motherboard and the PSU. They should both 'snap' into place.

Also, re-check the 8 pin CPU power connector.

Re-check page 1-20 of your motherboard's manual to verify the correct PWRSW pins (2) and use a screwdriver to touch both of them simultaneously.
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