Question Need help to redeem and claim my promotional code for AMD Radeon "Raise the Game" offer

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Nov 29, 2013
Hi all,

I Have an unvalidated AMD Rewards coupon code I received with my purchase of an AMD Radeon graphic card ( ) that I'm not able to redeem and activate by myself. A qualified AMD product must be equipped and installed to complete and pass the product verification process.
9. How do I complete my product verification?
This verification step takes place after submitting your coupon code at

While logged into on your web browser, download and run the AMD Product Verification Tool setup file on the system equipped with the qualified AMD product. Do NOT change the filename. (If using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, please be sure to fully download the file. Do not use the “Run Installation” option from your browser.)

Once setup has completed successfully, launch the AMD Product Verification Tool to verify your AMD product.

Upon successful verification, the remaining steps to activate and download your game will be provided within web browser that is logged into the AMD Rewards site. For full terms and conditions, please visit:
I'm doing a staggered purchase of my components, so I won't have my PC built before the code expires (game code must be redeemed by February 29, 2020). I need someone with a qualified AMD Radeon RX graphic card (RX 570 - RX 580 - RX 5700 - RX 5700 XT) willing to help me claim my free game.

Thank you.
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