Need help with build compatibility


Jan 4, 2013
Complete noob to building computers here (only built 1 with heavy assistance)

I think all these parts should work together and i should have everything i need to build this computer but not 100% sure.

Under my judgement i should just buy all these parts then when i get them ill build this and have a functional desktop.

Also if you have any suggestions that would be nice.

Sorry for english its my 3rd language.
The build is somewhat sound but there are some improvements that can be had.
1) dump the WD blue, find a 7200 RPM HDD instead
2) I like the case but the PSU that comes with the case can be used as a doorstop but I would not suggest running your PC with it
3) I am also just a bit concerned with the CPU cooler, I think it can be improved upon for little cost
That's all I got
A far more solid build, good improvements. A note about the ram cooler fan (I have the same one). First, it looks super cool but the frame is metal and comes scary close to the graphics card (at least on my motherboard) so I insulated the side with electrical tape (just for peace of mind) which isn't even visible.