Need help with front panel headers.


Oct 14, 2011
So this is my first time building a PC. I have the HAF 932 and the ASRock Extreme4 Gen3. I have a few questions.

1. How do I know which side of the header is positive. Are colored wires always positive? Are white always negative?

2. How do I know which one is positive and negative?


How should I match up the power header?

These are my front panel connectors.


Should I match Orange or White with PWRBTN#
White in this case is Negative (-). The colored wires are the Positive (-).

The Pwrbtn# is the same as the "Power SW" on your Front Panel connectors, if you didn't already know that :)

Oh and the White wires aren't always the ground wires. It depends, but usually Black is negative (Ground) if you have a red wire paired with it (this is usually on the Speaker connection that has Black and Red wires).

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Green/White wire (+ P LED) is the Positive of the "PLED+" and the White wire (- P LED) is the "PLED -".

Concerning the H.D.D. LED would have the Red/White connector on the "HDLED+" and the White connector would be on the "HDLED-".

This would leave the Power SW connector left, which I mentioned above :)