Apr 8, 2012
So i just installed a 7850 hd asus card; it was working fine yesterday. Now when i turned on my cpu today it won't even turn on. I don't understand i was even playing bf3 for about an hour half. I also installed a zalman 9500 at the same time. My system is
Biostar 880g
Athlon llx3 3.3 ghz
8gb corsair memory
Raidmax 530 psu
Asus 7850 hd
500 gbseagate
Msi combo drive please help
Your power supply is from raidmax, this is probably THE worst company that sells power supplies. It may have damaged/fried out yoru entire system! Try changing it or testing another power supply on the system! I would get something by antec, corsair, seasonic, and xfx. STAY AWAY FROM: Cooler Master, Raidmax, CoolMax, Diablotek, Athena, and some OCZ powersupplies.