Oct 7, 2011
looking to add some new stuff to my old computer looking to replace everything but motherboard and cpu as of right now.

Motherboad - intel d946gzis
Cpu - intel dual core 3ghz not sure of specifics
Power supply 450W want atleast 550-600
Graphics card - nividia geforce gt 220 1gb
Ram - 2gbs 667mhz
operating system - vista home 32bit

any ideas on components that would work good for me to get the most out of this current set up till i invest in somthing alot better, it is mainly used for gaming mmo rpgs


Cheap upgrade would be to add 2 gigs of memory and replace the graphics card with something that has a bit more juice.
DDR2 memory is a touch expensive though, so if you can get it used somewhere that will work out just fine.
But you can still get 2x 1GB sticks for about $25 so not overly expensive.

If you don't trust your current PSU and want to get a new one, then it depends on how high you want to go with graphics.
650W is a good amount for any single card solutions. 750W works with most budget oriented SLI/Crossfire solutions. ( up to 560Ti SLI and 6950 Crossfire )
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For graphics card, the CPU will eventually bottleneck you so no point in going over the top with it.

Radeon 5770/6770/6850/6870 from $100-180
Nvidia 550Ti/460/560 from $100-180