Need more ram... or toss it and get new ram?


Aug 10, 2005
I am using Corsair Value select ram currently at 1gig on an Nforce 4 (non ultra) mobo. I will have a mid range $200 or thereabouts video card for it as well soon and am using an AMD 3000+ 1.8 chip. My question is this, of couse I am wanting my system to load faster on the only game i play and mbe look a bit better (WoW). If I buy 2 more sticks of the corsair ram to make a total of 2gb will I notice a marked improvement? If not, give me some advice on some 184 pin memory that is not top of the line, or mbe even not midrange at 1gb that would beat the 2gb of corsair value select and make me feel like the cost of dropping my current memory is worth it. Thanks for your input =D


Unfortunately, Corsair's Value Select line is pretty much just the cheapest generic memory they could find that month, with a "Corsair" label slapped onto it. It's sad, because the excellent quality of their premium lines makes you think you can't go wrong with their "value" line. If you're looking at value lines, Kingston's has good compatibility and quality; Corsair's is pretty much in last place.