Need new router/modem want faster speeds!


Apr 6, 2012
My current home set-up is two desktops on Xfinity internet, using a MOTOROLA SB5120 modem pared with a WRT160N V3 router.

I was told that my router was bottlenecking my download speeds. It is quite annoying when we can't download anything because it will slow any gameplay going on, we have to do one thing a time. Even Youtube videos will slow us down.

My SPEEDTEST.NET results are:
Ping: 45 ms
Download Speed: 9.44 Mbps
Upload Speed: 4Mbps

Would I benefit from getting a new modem or router...or both? Thank you in advance.

Note: I only have 2 computers in my network and a few ipods, but I plan on adding 2 more desktops in the future.

Thinking of buying:


Yes, if you upgraded your Internet service to a high speed plan you need a DOCSIS 3 compliant modem, and I've used a number of the Motorola Surfboard SB6121 units -- they are excellent. They will work with any router that you like, and the cisco line is fine. Your current router will also work fine if you don't need 4 gigabit Ethernet ports or a USB connection on the router. You would have to upgrade your device adapters to get better speeds than your current router other than those two advantages.