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  1. T

    [SOLVED] [Help] High end PC Build for Gaming / Programming (UE4) / Streaming

    Hello guys, I come here to you today because I need your help to finish my high end pc build. The current state of the AMD vs INTEL fight made me unsure of what to do. I made this build in order to: play the latest games coming in for the next years in ultra 1440p with 60+fps use resource...
  2. elbakali9

    Question Programming Script

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a help from you guys, to find or create a programming script (AutoHotKey or else) that can do this following tasks repeatedly, 1/ Open Gmail in internet browser 2/ On Gmail on the search bar, search for the word confirm 3/ Open all those mails each on a Tab 4/...
  3. S

    Question What should I buy new or refurbished laptop

    Hello I need to buy a cheap laptop for programming (coding) for 300 euro but I don't know to buy a brand new or refurnished. I stopped on brand new hp (intel pentium n5000, 128ssd, 8 ram) and the refurbished one Lenovo (Intel i5 3360m or i7 3520m 16 ram and 480 ssd) so what should I buy?I think...
  4. M

    Question easy static javascript

    Hi there, i just started using chromes extension called 'fake data', and what it do is, generating random data for regestration on a certain web sites. it uses this javascript ...
  5. J

    Question Ryzen Situation - 4K PC on budget $1400?

    Hey Guys!! I know there's already a post exist for 4K budget PC build guide. I'm confused and frustrated because i cant decide what choose and there are reasons for it. I'm suffering from too much price variation due to taxes and supply issues in my country. I live in india and since 2018...
  6. DraftDragon21

    [SOLVED] Upgrade cpu or gpu?

    I currently have a budget around $700 and want to upgrade my system. I'm planning on either replacing my 1070 with a 2080 or my oced 6600k with a ryzen processor (3700x) and a new mobo. I do programming (including neural networking), some rendering, and 4k gaming. I would like to know if it...
  7. A

    [SOLVED] Do programmers overclock near project deadline? (if necessary)

    I know that overclock doesnt chance much in programming. But I would like to know if near a deadline, if the project is kind of late, do professional programmers overclock? I mean, in that case, every secound counts..... thx in advance
  8. arnuld

    [SOLVED] Building Ryzen 3 Desktop

    QUESTIONS: Any problems with this build? Can I improve it for the work I do? Any other suggestions? USE: Programming, Occasional video/audio encoding, Watching BluRay 1080p videos/movies, YouTube in HD, Browsing with 10-15 tabs in one Firefox window with 2 more windows opened. 12-15 hours a...
  9. L

    Question Which laptop for Unreal Engine 4

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a laptop for my 3rd year at university in September, where I will be doing Games Development, and programming using Unreal Engine 4. I've been looking and I want a 2-in-1 laptop as I can use it with a stylus during lectures to write notes on and I also indulge in...
  10. Ender15m

    Question Laptop for Programming and College under $900

    Hey! I would love some recommendations on a new laptop. At the moment I am using the Acer Aspire 15 with a Core i5, Geforce 940MX, and 250 GB SSD. I thought it was good, but it's slowly dying and everything on this laptop is getting super super slow. Even writing this question is lagging. On top...
  11. H

    Best laptop under 4000 USD

    I want to learn and master programming , hacking and PEN-TESTING . So I need a great laptop for it. Could you give me some suggestions for it?
  12. S

    Question A few systems, which is best?

    Hey! So I’ve found some prebuilt pcs. All are new and roughly the same price, here the specs and then I’ll explain my use of it. 1 - i9-9900k/16GB ram/RTX 2060/SSD 2 - i7-9700k/16GB ram/GTX 1080/SSD 3 - R7-2700X/16GB ram/GTX 1080TI/SSD Obviously the 9900k is the best cpu, but it also has the...
  13. Q

    [SOLVED] Need help with new computer(i3 8100 vs i5 8400 pc).

    Hello, I have shortlisted two systems: 1. Lenovo V530 tower PC(Intel core i3 8100), 2. Lenovo thinkcentreM720 tower PC(Intel core i5 8400). I will these computers only for programming and web browsing, I will not play any games whatsoever. And, I will buy 16gb ddr4 2400mhz RAM and an SSD for...
  14. D

    Question Why does my Galaxy S9 show that I'm on a 5Ge network?

    Someone on the internet said that my phone doesn't have the right antenna for 5G. But at the top it says 5G. I have AT&T.
  15. skyzieh

    Question INPUT LAG

    cpu - i7 7700k gpu - gtx 1050ti mb - msi z270-a pro I used to have 1070 i feel like my mouse is slower than it used to be i thought that it was my mouse so i bought new g402 (early i had zowie fk1) nothing changed
  16. C

    Question NVIDIA Corporation. VGA-compatible controller, Running at x8: What does this mean?

    I was building a PC whilst checking the bios to make sure everything was compatible. One of them stood out to me. Looking into to the motherboard explorer, the GPU slot said "PCIe x16 slot (PCI-E1, Gen 3): NVIDIA Corporation. VGA-compatible controller, Running at x8" At first, I didn't think of...
  17. perdboy

    Question PC Crashes it is my ram?

    My pc will crash pretty often and sometimes crashes and can not shut down or power on using the power button but the rgb and fans spin. Also all my usbs will restart and not work for a while. My build is a B450 f-gaming Ryzen 5 2600 Corsair vengeance RGB 16GB DDR4 3000MHz CMR16GX4M2D3000C16 GTX...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] Rx Vega 64, PSU not strong enough? Help

    Hello everyone. I just bought a Vega 64 2 days ago, after a bunch of reading i have undervolted it to: p6 1452 freq 1000mv p7 1552freq 1100mv hbm 945mhz 980 mv I have a Xeon 1650v2 now at 4.2( was 4.5 but lowered to see if i could get this stable) ECC ram at 2400mhz PSU ; AeroCool...
  19. C


    Hi- I just upgraded my CPU and Mobo, but now I’m gettting the blue screen of death and this message when I boot in Windows 10: SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Any advice? I thought this upgrade would be a lot easier than I thought.
  20. W

    [SOLVED] Which will be the better experience

    Hi, which will offer the better gaming experience,, Upgrading my current 1080 gaming rig with an i7 8700k and new mobo and ram OR Swapping out for a gtx 1080ti but only a Ryzen 2600x cpu I game at 1440p overwatch is my only high refresh rate game The rest are AAA games Thankyou