Question New build and no output! Have tried the common stuff


Feb 17, 2023
Sorry for bad english, not my primary langaue

So I finally got all my components and I put them together: no output.
b660 itx rog strix
6000mhz fury rgb ddr5
3080 strix (i have done all testing without gpu)
360 aio (phanteks)
focus plus platinum 750
jonsplus i100 pro case
1000gb nvme that has my old operating system (windows 10) (maybe, i may have broken the os on that ssd)

First I put everything in the case exept the ssd and i got no output. I have had a windows usb on the pc because i want to install windows 11 to that ssd. I reseated some cables and tested again no output. The display wakes up from sleep but instantly goes back to sleep again.
The BOOT debug led is on EVERY time. It goes trough the other leds without no problem and when it gets to the boot led the fans rpm goes down and its just black.
The keyboard turns on at the same time as the boot debug led.
Bios key and boot menu key does not do anything.
I have tried with different ram slots and only one stick of ddr5.
I have reseated everything. (including cpu, cooler, wires)
And i have cleared cmos with a jumper. (This mobo does not have a battery)

What should I try?
Should I put my maybe broken windows ssd when i try to boot?
Could something be broken?


Feb 17, 2023

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" (This mobo does not have a battery)"

No battery?

Page 1-14 references a RTC (Real Time Clock) battery.

The user manual references a "button cell" battery per Page 1-15.

Something seems amiss.....

Note the "DO NOT" warning on Page 1-15:

How did you clear CMOS?
I put a screwdriver to short the CLRTC pins when the pc was unplugger


"I put a screwdriver to short the CLRTC pins when the pc was unplugger "

That is commonly done but not always correctly done and/or done in full.

Take a close look at the procedure provided in Paragraph 14., Page 1-15 of the User Manual. And the warning icon.

You may have the option to try again according to the note (feather icon) at the end.



Start over.

Remove all components except for the CPU and cooler. That could be done but tends to be risky so going that far will a last resort. And you have reseated the CPU and cooler once already. Hopefully that part is correct and okay....

Verify that I found the correct Motherboard User Guide/Manual.

Use the manual to go step by step and carefully reinstall all components and connections. Install only one drive to be the boot drive. Also refer to all manuals for installed components and the case. Be sure that you fully understand each step and requirement.

Pay close attention to fine print, warnings, notes, etc.. If something is not clear or is not as expected then stop and resolve before proceeding.

Last: Do a clean Windows install per the following link:

(As I understand your post it appears that you installed the old NVME boot (C: ) drive. Sometimes that may work. Usually that will not work and, if it works at all, there will be ongoing problems.)

Take your time, work carefully, double check everything. Clean, well lit work area. Organize beforehand. Proper tools. Do not force anything. Do not overtighten anything.

Hopefully there is nothing damaged and a careful rebuild will fix whatever is wrong.
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Unfortunately I am not able to see much via the video.

Where have you located the battery (Page 1-14). The manual is vague about the connection and does not really provide clear instruction other than indicating that Pin 1 is +BAT and Pin 2 (unlabled) being GRD. Which I would expect to be -BAT. What battery are you using?

Are you able to access BIOS per Page 3-2 of the motherboard's User Manual?

You mentioned "Bios key and boot menu key does not do anything"; Are you using the keys specified on Page 3-2?

Do you hear any beeps per Page 2-22? (You may need to install a small speaker.)

Did you use any power connectors from other PSUs? Only the cables that came with the focus plus platinum 750 should be used.