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Question New PC Build - Random Auto Reboots

Apr 29, 2020
My new pc will randomly reboot when I play certain games like Satisfactory or CS:GO. I'll hop in game and after 3-4 minutes my screen will go dark and the system reboots. However, I can play other games like Rust or Tarkov for hours with no issues at all.
There have also been times where my pc will reboot while browsing YouTube or Reddit. The fans start ramping up and then BOOM. Reboot.

I have tried updating my bios and installed all the latest drivers. I have also checked my windows crash logs and there's nothing indicating an error. All CPU and GPU temps appear normal.
Memorytest86 results were all good -zero errors.

This is my first build so I'm not quite sure what the issue could be, any help would be greatly appreciated.

- System specs -

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 - 2700k Eight Core, 3700 Mhz 16 Lp

CPU Fan: Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo 120mm

Motherboard: MSI B450 Tomahawk

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb (2x) - 32gb Total

Storage: Samsung 860 EVO SATA 2.5" SSD 500GB

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Power Supply: CORSAIR RM750x

OS: Windows 10 64 bit home

Nothing is overclocked except for the "AMD Ryzen Master" tool being set to "precision boost overdrive mode" which it auto defaults to every reboot.

*** My EDC in Ryzen Master wildly fluctuates between 30% and 99% of the maximum 168A. Could this be the issue?

View: https://imgur.com/a/scEigFG
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May 2, 2019
It kind of sounds like a cpu issue of some kind based on the games it happens in. Both games listed use more CPU than GPU generally. Have you run it without the Ryzen master changes?