Question new rtx 3060 ti massively underperforming in my system only

Dec 18, 2021
As the title says I recently got a 3060 ti and it is not performing anywhere near what it should be, it is reaching 60fps in most games on high and struggles on ultra, it is replacing a 1050 ti which was performing about the same. I put it in my friends pc with similar specs to mine (R5 3600,16gb ram and an 800w psu) and magically the performance went right to where it should be. On my machine it never breaks around 30-40% GPU utilization and the old 1050 would routinely reach 99%. I have two thoughts regarding what could be causing this which are: The motherboard could be failing to deliver power sufficiently as it is getting rather old (Asus Prime B350 plus) or there is a software issue. Advice would be appreciated.