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  1. zac9500

    Question I’d love some advice please!

    Hi guys, So I’m interested in spending my money on something I definitely don’t NEED and probably won’t use to it’s full potential (but I really want it anyway for the nerd in me), SO... how does this pre-built machine sound for £1720? (VAT and shipping inc.) Case: NZXT H500 (with...
  2. L

    Question Black Screen

    Hey there! As the title says, I´m running into a black screen and I´m not hearing any POST-sound as soon as I jump my new motherboard. Well, I think I´ve run into the same problem as some others here, but I can´t seem to find the solution - I´m hoping for any reasonable advice as I´m seriously...
  3. D

    Question Is it worth it? need advice if I should upgrade or should I wait? SLI 1080ti vs 2080ti

    Hello! So I have two SLI 1080ti's and I was wondering if its a trade off if I upgrade to a 2080ti? or SLI of those? Just kinda feeling out the prices and would it make sense for performance wise? I am already upgrading my mother board, ram, and cpu over to snag a Ryzen 9 3900x with a x570...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Will this computer work fine?

    Hello. I am searching parts for a new pc. I chose some from Amazon. Pcpartpicker gave no compatibility issues. But i am not sure, will this computer work? Part list:
  5. Rudiano

    Question PC upgrade for Gaming & Editing

    Hi all, I currently have a PC with the following specs: GeForce GTX 1080 i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz Gigabyte GA-Z270-Gaming K3 Motherboard 32 GB RAM Kingston SSDNow UV400 960 GB SSD I used it mostly for gaming but I will be doing a lot of 1080p/4K video editing from now on (Adobe Premiere) so Im...
  6. Jone0us

    Question Building a PC Gaming , I Need Advices Please

    Hey I'm Building a PC Gaming and trying to get the best with an average budget I would love to get suggestions Case: CiT Blaze Mid Tower Gaming Case - Black (Blue fans) CAS3347 MotherBoard: ASUS TUF Z370-Pro Gaming CPU: Intel Core i7 - 8700K , 12M Cache, up to 4.60 GHz SSD: samsung 860 pro...
  7. CamperJoe18

    Question Need Advice: Single 27", or Dual Setup?

    Right now, I have a single 27", 1080p monitor. In a few months, I will be going to college, and taking my system with me. I think I want a dual monitor setup, because studies show that it can increase productivity (and because I personally enjoy using two monitors at work). My question is this...
  8. G

    [SOLVED] Requesting advice to check of any issues before I buy the parts and build my Rig.

    I'm planning to build a mid-tier gaming pc, and I'd to know if there are any issues that I didn't spot (its my 1st time building my own pc). Here's the pc part picker link: Feel free to make any suggestions or changes to it, and thanks in advance!
  9. N

    Question HDD for Significant Torrenting

    Context The main drive I use for downloading to is beginning to experience errors, which I'm assuming is a harbinger of failure, so I'm looking for a replacement. Considering high-capacity drives can be expensive, I'm looking for a replacement that is going to be able to handle an intense...
  10. W

    Question Help me choose between these 4 laptops

    Hi all, I am looking for a new laptop to serve me the coming 5 years in my work as a designer. My current VAIO flip laptop cracked the screen out of nowhere (was very disappointed with the build quality from the beginning), and the touch/active stylus functionality is now disfunctional. And in...
  11. Ben2626

    Question My first build

    Hello this is my first PC build ($1000) and I would like your opinion and advice, and anything that can help.
  12. khodex1997

    Question Graphics card upgrade or wait?

    So to start off this is my current build: I was thinking of upgrading the graphics card for one of the memorial day sales like a 2070 (like this one: or this one...
  13. G

    Build Advice New PC Advice

    Hello all, First of all, thanks for any feedback =] Currently wanting to have a good upgrade on my pc, some of my pc parts are reusable. This is for a gaming build am not an overly hard core gamer however I would like to build a PC that will last me a few years without requiring updates, What...
  14. O

    Question (Complete build) I think I'm close, can you tell me if I screwed up somewhere?

    Hi guys, I've read up on a lot of stuff last couple of weeks, but I admit I'm definitly not a pro. Good job or brutally honest, give me your best shot! Can you help me out? Just a few thoughts behind the setup: I based this around the ryzen CPU and the...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Do I need to buy a new power supply?

    My PC : Intel i5-3470 10 GB DDR3 RAM gt 710 2GB DDR5 WD 500 GB HARD DISK I am planning to upgrade my GPU to RX 570 4gb . So do i need to buy a new power supply ? Here is a pic of my current power supply ...
  16. J

    Question Upgrading my system

    Hey guys I am planning to upgrade my system and wanted to ask what you guys would recommend to upgrade? - MB Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 Intel Z170 So.1151 Dual Channel DDR4 ATX Retail - Intel core I7-6700K (4x4,0) - PSU 600 Watt be quiet! Straight Power 10-CM Modular 80+ Gold...
  17. mcanavino

    MSI GE75 Raider or Lenovo Y740?

    Hi, Looking at either an MSI GE75 Raider (GE75023) Or an Lenovo Legion Y740 (81HH0003US) Both seem to have same general...
  18. Mghock21

    Question Which to buy to upgrade

    I need some help picking a PC to buy that my son can upgrade. The one he had died because the upgrades he added were too strong. So now we need to buy a new one and upgrade the gaming card, pay, and cpu to the ones he has now. Meaning it doesn’t need to have great ones to start since we will use...
  19. T

    Question I'm having trouble picking a pc out to run Overwatch on and I need advice

    Hi, I have a 1400 dollar hard budget and I want to buy a desktop that can run Overwatch at 75+ FPS on Ultra settings at 1080p. The only catch is that my father insists on having it pre-built, preferably from letsbld or IBuyPower. I would like to maximize every part possible while keeping it...
  20. T

    Question 24 or 27 inch monitor?

    So I looked online and find mixed messages, so I’m going to ask for other people’s opinions. I found a monitor, qhd wide, 144hz, and 1ms response time. I can get it as 24-inch, or a 27-inch. The 27-inch is about $370, the s4-inch is $330, the only difference is the screen size. There is also a...