New Sli setup


Oct 8, 2011
Hey everyone

I just put a new build together last week, here are the specs.

I5 2500k @ 4.0ghz
2 x Evga GTX 560 SLI
Asus Maximus Extreme Gene-Z MB
8 gb Corsair Vengence
Corsair 600t Case
Corsair GS800 psu
Corsair H60 Cooler

This being my first build as well as my first time running SLI, I had a question about the Graphics cards temps. Upon enabling SLI I fired up Crysis 1. The top card got up to 90c and the bottom 70c. At idle the top stays around 42c and the bottom at 32c. I didn't overclock either, the bottom one is factory superclocked. Are these temperatures normal? I know that they are close together with the MB being a matx. Also would adding a fan or two to the mesh siding of the case help that out at all?



Oct 11, 2011
my two gtx 260's ran hot, so what i did was added a 120mm fan on my hard drive bay so i would try added the fans to help it or get a atx board if your case can fit it.

hope this helps