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Jan 16, 2010
Hey guys i was just water cooling my setup i have:

Current System:
GPU: 2 x GTX 480
CPU: Core i7 2600k
Case: Corsair 800d
power supply: corsair 1000 watt modular
motherboard:MSI P67A-GD65
Hard drive: OCZ vertex 2
Memory: Patriot Viper Xtreme Series, Division 2 Edition

I am going to water cool this system and have never don this before so i am going to order these parts please let me know if the look okay.

Water cooling equipment:

Black Ice GTX480

DD12V-D5 Pump Variable Speed

Tygon 3603 Tubing

CPU block:
MPC-CPU Block for LGA 1155, 1156 i3, i5, i7

XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Split Reservoirs

GPU block:
DD-GTX480 Black Chrome Top and Nickel Base

I would just buy some fans to throw on the radaitor and some clamps for the tubing but do i need anything else? or do i need to change anything and what fittings do i need? Thanks for the help



Jan 17, 2011
No, I don't recommend going all out on your 1st h20 cooler. FYI, LGA1156 is exact same as LGA1155. So any LGA1156 cpu block will fit LGA1155. I recommend you try out a good kit of some sort. Like this:

If you insist on DIY, you need one more thing: coolant. Most use distilled water from supermarket. I'd use a nonconductive coolant. It's a bit more expensive, but it is cheap insurance for your rig if your cooler leaks. The 1st thing to go would be the gpu.

All the fittings must match. In your case, 1/2" ID or 3/4" OD. And your loop should be:

pump > gpu > cpu > rad > res > pump

out > in

After assembly, you should test run it outside of the pc by jump-starting a psu for a few hours. 24 would be best. Fix any leaks & re-test.


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