Question NO SOUND! AMD Tried every fix on YouTube still NO SOUND!

Jan 2, 2023
Ive tried every fix I found on YouTube none of them worked. I still have no sound coming through the HDMI, Video is coming through fine but for sound PC says no device connected. but obviously HDMI is connected or I wouldn't see anything on screen. any ideas? I think its something to to with AMD Adrenaline this happened before when I updated AMD Adrenaline. But even if I uninstall AMD Adrenaline I still have no sound.

CPU -7900x
GPU-7900xt OC Asrock pg gaming
MB-Asrock Steel legend X670E
PSU- Corsair RM850
RAM- Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB 6000MHz C36 AMD optimized
STORAGE- WD Black 2TB SN850x & WD black 1TB SN850x
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Ive tried every fix I found on YouTube none of them worked.
Could you state what you've tried so as to avoid suggesting anything that might've been performed without any fruition on your end?

Did you use DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers? Also, have you tried reverting to a prior revision of drivers? AMD have acknowledged that their drivers need a look into, which might come out soon. Make and model of your panel, sound output device? BIOS version for your motherboard at this moment of time?
That's really weird. I actually don't use my video card for sound, I use my motherboard's HD Audio but I can switch back and forth. Have you tried clicking on the speaker and selecting a different device? I realise that you probably have but a lot of people don't know that it's an option. If you still can't get it to work, until you get it resolved, maybe just buy a pair of Logitech speakers and plug them into your motherboard's green audio port. At least you'd have sound and they don't cost much.

I wish that I could offer more but the last video card I ever saw that didn't have working sound is my old GeForce 8500 GT and I'm pretty sure that it's because it was before sound was offered on video cards. I do hope that you find the solution.