No video, no nothing.


Dec 18, 2011
hey guys, i really didn't know were to put this, sorry.

any help would be appreciated.

firstly i got this boot mngr file missing error as soon as i turn my pc on, which i have no idea to fix, then today when i turned my pc on i got no video its just a blank screen which says (check signal cable) ? what could be the problem?

is it something i could fix, or have to take it into a pc store?

if knowing the specs would help, they are:

exreme3 gen3 asrok motherboard

1tb hard drive

thermaletake lite power 700w powersupply

8gig ram

2G GT640 Asus




Nov 28, 2012
Reason for that problem is bootmgr file in c: drive is deleted by u r mistake or virus delete that.
Solution: step 1:u need ubuntu or any linux cd a pendrive.
step 2:u not need above step1 but virus can affect other system hdd.
for step 2: remove hdd/ssd insert in other working system . goto c: drive remove tick in "hide all hidden files and windows files" now u see bootmgr file in c: drive copy and paste in u r os installed Hdd drive.
step 1:copy bootmgr file to pendrive from other system.boot from linux cd open c:drive paste the file.
restart.remove cd. now all fine.