No Video Output from new Setup (Z730-i Motherboard)


May 2, 2014
*****Update - It seems likely it was just a faulty board. Seller has accepted a return. Thanks for reading!


Hi all,

My nephew purchased components for a new PC (all except GPU) and there is no video output when it is put together and switched on).

We have little opportunity for comparing individual components (his last PC has no compatible parts to switch out). The new parts arrived yesterday and it has never shown output since then.

Whats happening:
No display when switched on.
This occurs when just the bare components are connected. So CPU/Cooler, 1 8gb Stick ram, Motherboard output(HDMI) and PSU powering it all.

On the board (a z370-i) are 4 LEDS indicating the POST progress. The CPU LED illuminates and turns off. Then the board moves to the RAM LED which lights up for a bit longer and eventually turns off. The VGA LED Does not turn on at all after this point, nor does it move onto the 'BOOT' LED (I assume the Primary Drive).

We have tried outputing from a GPU (970 GTX) and the Motherboard's HDMI but no signal is being detected.

We have tested this with the MOBO Screwed into the chasis and not. (not necessarily bench tested, but not bolted down - lying on the bed of the chasis).

No beeps are coming from the MOBO, but no speaker was attached at time of testing(Unable to test at the moment).

CPU: i5 8600k
Motherboard: z370-i
Ram: Corsair Vengence LPX 2x8 GB. DDR4 2400
CPU Cooler: NZXT Kraken M22 Liquid Cooler
GPU: Nvidia GTX 970, and also Motherboard HDMI
PSU: Corsair 550w (VS I believe)
Hardrive: Samsung Evo 860 500GB.

Further stuff. The ram is having a potential issue. When one Dim is placed in the left slot the 'Ram' LED on the Mobo is stays orange, but not in the other. We have tested both scenarios with both slots filled.

We also tested a much older Geforce card, 500 series.

So far nothing has worked and I believe we have tried as many configurations as we can. If anyone has encountered this and knows of a solution then that would be really great. Or if there is something very obvious that we have missed we we appreciate any feedback. From research we believe everything is compatible with each other.
Going back to the MOBO beeps: I am unsure if this was plugged in at time of testing. As this is my nephew's PC I have limited time frames to test so I cannot check this immediately, but still wanted to get the the issue posted for some potential help between now and then.

Thanks for reading, any feedback is greatly appreciated!


May 2, 2014

Thanks Lutfij! Though we won't have an oppertunity to test this out for a few days (waiting on the replacement board), if the issue still persists then we will give it a try with a different PSU. We did not try a different PSU when troubleshooting as we felt if power was going into the bare components then that is good enough. But I see some 'Tier' lists and the VS isn't highly rated, so I think it's definitely worth a try. Ill let you know how it goes. Again, the feedback it much appreciated!