[SOLVED] No video output

Apr 11, 2020
The computer had been crashing randomly and giving a black/white/blue/red solid screen.
Probably once every hour or so.

Smoke came from the GPU, although I think it was the power connector leading to the GPU.
The system wouldn't boot (or even attempt to) until it suddenly did, and was able to play games just fine (144fps+) so was in full working order.
Then it started turning off and not being able to turn straight back on unlike before the crashes I could just reboot.

Now the systems powering on but I have no display output what so ever.

I also can't get an output with the onboard graphics, but I'm unsure why.

What I've tried:
  • Reseating the GPU in all PCI slots
  • Reinstalling CPU water cooler
  • Reinstalling driver + VGA display adaptor for CPU + GPU
  • Tried different monitor
  • Used different PCI power connectors
  • Tried different ram stick configurations
  • Tried without a boot drive
  • Reset CMOS although not convinced I did it correctly
  • Tried downclocking the GPU and increasing voltage on CPU + GPU in order to potentially make it more stable (only recently did this after all issues)
  • No overclocks are enabled on any component
  • Using a different power plug
What I'm thinking of doing:
  • Buying new GPU
  • Flashing the BIOS on motherboard + GPU if I can get it to boot again
  • Don't have access to a PSU or another computer
  • Don't have access to another GPU

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and suggestions are welcome.
I'm also available to discord if that would make communication easier.

MSI Z97 Gaming 5 Motherboard
2 x 8Gb sticks of DDR3 corsair vengeance pro RAM
240Gb Sandisk SSD
Corsair 750W (CX750) bronze power supply
980Ti water force Gigabyte (XTreme gaming line)
Monitor with a DVI cable
Apr 11, 2020
From what you describe, it sound like a serious problem with GPU.
Yeah, I was figuring that which Is why I might just buy a new one.
Do you have advice on what else I could try? as long as it has a low risk of destroying other components I'll try anything at this point. (Juggling it would even be a option)