Not sure which 680


Apr 11, 2012
Hey Guys,
Ive been looking for ages for a 680 and im still no where near deciding what to get..
I will be removing the stock cooler and be putting on a waterblock so it makes it harder to find 1.
My price limit for the card is $620 as I will be buying my waterblock in the future.
And 1 last thing I would like it to be overclocked as far as possible ( I will be overclocking it ) so the best overclocking card Is the 1 i choose.
I hope you guys can help me.
So far im looking at this:
EVGA GeForce GTX 680 2GB
1006MHz (1058MHz boost), with 2GB of GDDR5 memory at 6008MHz with a 256bit bus.
But im not sure how far it can be overclocked...
Thanks guys!



Apr 11, 2012
I cant get a Waterblock for the lightning edition in australia :(
And will the 7970 getter better frames in Battlefield 3 at 1920x1080 ?
Or should I Wait for the 8000 series ?

The HD7970 GHz will get much better frames, but since the normal HD7970 and the GHz Edition are the same chip with different clocks, you may as well pay less for the normal one and OC it yourself.

Don't play the waiting game, never works.

Nvidia GTX 670 is on the same level of Radeon 7970 performance wise.

Radeon 7970 and Radeon 7970 Ghz ed. aren't the same.

Look at the specs.

Radeon 7970 Ghz ed. isn't really that much faster. I would guess 5% overall, or even less than GTX 680.

Your sure about that? Some prove?,3107-7.html

Toms puts the HD7970 GHz one tier higher than the GTX680. Since the HD7970 is the SAME chip as the GHz edition. It can be OCd to the GHz with zero risk(same card remember).

Now. I ask again, are you sure about that?

EDIT : When I say the same card/chip, I mean EVERY spec except the clock speeds are the same. BUT THE POTENTIAL clock from an OC is identical.

Memory bandwidth is different too, look at the links I posted.

And GTX 660 TI is on level with Radeon 7870, at least Tomshardware say so, but in the reality it is on the same level as Radeon 7950, so what about that?

The reason Tom's dropped the GTX660ti one slot is it is castrated with a 192bit memory interface. And when playing on very high res it can not keep up.

Would you like some benches? Lets get the man some benches...

It's meant for 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 gameplay. So that is why and it does quite a good job compared to the 7950 at that resolution.
1. A discussion :

2. Benches baby :

Now note that all these review use drivers from Catalyst 12.11 or newer. That is when AMD starting beating NVidia in this segment.

The thing is looking at neweg, the GTX680 is quite a bit more expensive than the HD7970 GHz Edition as well. So even if it was a perfectly equal race(which in some games it is very close), the AMD would be a much better choice as it is cheaper! - HD7970 GHZ - GTX680

Note I took the lowest price for each card I could find on Newegg.

Now, considering again that the HD7970 (normal, slower one) and the HD7970 GHz Ed are the same chip but one is just faster clocked. You can buy an HD7970 (normal, slower one) and OC it EASILY without risk to the HD7970 GHz Ed, and get the same card. Now if you look at the price of the normal one below.

Why the heck would you get a GTX680 that is slower AND $100 more expensive.

The HD7970 and HD7970 GHz Ed even ahs more OCing headroom above the GTX680, making the gap even larger???!!!???

Great comparison, the difference is even lower than I thought.

lol one out of 3? I am not biased, I post what I find and have read. Look at the price difference. Even when they appear to perform the same, the HD7970 is MUCH cheaper...

And those are BETA, the Catalyst 13.1 drivers are already up with even more improvement.

It's the Ghz edition in that comparison.

You still don't get it, do you? The GHz Edition is just an HD7970 clocked faster. Most normal HD7970 even have a BIOS switch that switches the card to a much faster clock to near, similar or even higher than the GHz Edition.


Still look at the memory bandwidth, it's not the same.

And that switch is called boost. AMD began using it after its succes with the Nvidia 600 series, great ripoff.

Ok i am done arguing with you, you just proved its not worth it, that switch is a SECONDARY BIOS.
Memory bandwidth changes with memory clock rates.

And that Nvidia boost is the same thing causing massive limitations to Voltage increase OCing on Nvidia cards...,d.d2k

Watch the video, you may understand.

Last time I will be replying to you. Not worth my time. You are clearly an Nvidia fanboy that is clearly not as knowledgeable as you think.

Tom Burnqest

Dec 10, 2012

According to recent benchmarks and professional and as well end user opinions the common consensus is that the 7970 is the fastest GPU on the planet.

A GHz Edition maxes out at +/-1200MHz on average. Some reach 1300. That is a 200MHz headroom for even further OC on GHZ Ed. Note again those drivers are old, expect 20% improvement over sept last year.
Once again the AMD is cheaper AND is faster WITH OC considered. A GTX680 can reach those speeds, but the average OC is not near that high.

Il just leave you with that...

So you want him to buy a card that is 50Dollars more than the HD7970 GHz, JUST cuz it can OC to similar speeds as the HD7970 GHz???

Makes sense.

The GTX680 can OC that high as I said, BUT thanks to turbo, you get ZERO gains above a certain point.,25.html

1300MHz in that review.,3161-4.html

But if you read the above, you can see that despite the clokc being so fast, you just increase power but average FPS is the same. So OCing the GTX680 that much is pointless and stupid.

Il give heed to what you say if you can post benches and prove...

Watch the language. :non: