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Question [Notebook: i7-4710 HQ] CPU is throttling after cold start - without any reason.

Jul 3, 2020

for a pretty long time i've issues with my notebook. sometimes it seems like my CPU is throttling down even on startscreen of windows 10, without anything running at all.
Sometimes i can literally play 10 hours long without any problems.
I've tried alot of stuff, underclocking the CPU, disabling intel boost, managing powersettings but at the end of the day its just happening randomly without any patterns.

i tried to visualize my problem:

This is a few seconds after start (in this case hot start, but it even happens after cold starts), as you can see the maximum frequency of the CPU is already peaking. Temperature is fine.
Overall CPU usage is low, then after about 30 seconds:

The throttling kicks in, let me not even smoothly writing a text in word anymore.

Im not far away of throwing this notebook away, because its just a frustrating experience.
I've absolutly no idea, how to continue from this point. WHen i restart the PC its just happening few seconds after restart, my fens are literally going crazy and i already know that this is going to be a really frustrating experience this session.
Then sometimes an angel seems to kissing my notebook and i can constantly working/gaming for hours without ANY problems.

Im sorry for the broken english/pictures in german - if you guys need more informations let me know, i'll try to provide them with screenshots in english.

Stay healthy !
Jul 3, 2020
Hey guys,

I fixed my problem. It was BD PROCHOT automatically kicking in after booting the PC. The fans started spinning like crazy right before the thermal throttling kicks in.
I disabled BD PROCHOT with ThrottleStop and started monitoring the CPU temperature. I do know that this can cause damage to my book and it doesnt have to be the CPU overheating. I even "monitor" the overall temperature by touching the case of the notebook and it barely gets warm at all. even the outcoming air is just hand warm. After trying to monitor the Fan activity with NoteBook FanControl I realised that the left fan does not share any information about its activitys. So i opened the Notebook and watched for the fans by myself, while playing around with FanControl. I realized that the right fan is not working as long as the left fan is disabled (via FanControl).
Than after playing around a little bit, it seems like the fans are wrongly plugged. The left fan is controlled as the right fan and vise versa. I guess because of the missing informations of the bigger CPU cooling fan, the control unit throttles down the CPU to prevent any damage.

ATTENTION, if you have similiar issues: Disabling BD PROCHOT can cause the lose of your warranty, so only disable it if you know what you do or permanently monitoring the heat of your PC.

PS: i have no clue why it almost took me 1.5years to figure that out but im so happy i finally fixed it :)